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Undergraduate and working portfolio from freelance designer Amber Magee, graduate of the Lehigh University Department of Art Architecture and Design.
Uploaded by ambermagee on 04/15/2012
Digital publication details: 58 pages.

I Am That I Am - Book by Inspirational Author C.L. Mareydt

Inspirational non-fiction inspired from a personal vision & experienced presence of God. Expressed to inspire & evoke a sense of spiritual urgency & wonder. Cost: $19.95 AVAILABLE IN ALL MAJOR BOOKSTORES ISBN 978-1-4357-2798-4
Uploaded by clmareydt on 03/30/2010
Digital publication details: 388 pages.

I am Text, I am Image

A reaction to Orhan Pamuk's My Name is Red in visual and verbal form; meditations on different concepts of originality. Illustrations are a combination of original art and works from the Ottoman period.
Uploaded by nikeroack on 01/12/2011
Digital publication details: 10 pages.

I am Anything, I am Everything

Catalogue of solo exhibition by Saudi artist Ayman Yossri Daydban at Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Jan 2012
Uploaded by robertk1 on 01/18/2012
Digital publication details: 63 pages.

I Am Issue

Miami University's First Multicultural Magazine- 1st Issue
Uploaded by thecrucible on 02/28/2010
Digital publication details: 19 pages.

Who I Am - Justin Brannon

This digital magazine is designed to create exposure for myself as a Advertising and Public Relations double major at Oklahoma State University.
Uploaded by jaybran on 11/28/2010
Digital publication details: 10 pages.

I Am My Own Odysseus - The Margaret Willis Story

The true life story of Margaret Willis
Uploaded by aauswebmaster on 10/24/2011
Digital publication details: 176 pages.

I am BH

Today, Black Hawk College serves Illinois CommunityCollege District #503, an area that includes all or part of nine counties in western Illinois from the Quad Cities east to Kewanee and south toWyoming. The College serves nearly 20,000 transfer, career and adult education students each year. It is difficult to find a citizen of District #503 whose life has not benefited from Black Hawk College.
Uploaded by blackhawkcollege on 10/04/2010
Digital publication details: 112 pages.

Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2012: Learning for life

The 2012 Because I am a Girl report is from series of annual reports that look at 'The State of the World's Girls'. This years report looks in detail at why, despite much effort and good will, girls still lose out at school and at home. How can we keep all girls in school, including the poorest and most marginalised, improve the quality of the education they receive and empower them to take their rightful place as equal citizens? As they reach adolescence in particular, girls and young women need to be able to achieve their potential; quality learning for life is at the heart of this.
Uploaded by planaustralia on 10/09/2012
Digital publication details: 102 pages.


Final book for my Type & Image class at school. Book was a compilation of information from several books, articles and photo sources and was used for the purposes of the project only.
Uploaded by psalm_11 on 09/08/2008
Digital publication details: 212 pages.
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