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Study Skills for High School Students

Want to improve your study skills or learn more effective study techniques? Study Skills for High School Students can help you master your study skills by discovering your learning style, improving your memory and developing critical thinking skills. Click here to learn more about this book and to see a table of contents, sample chapter and curriculum.
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Study Skills for High School Students Curriculum

A curriculum is available with each book. Each unit corresponds with a chapter of the book and includes Reading Comprehension, Journal Activities, Chapter Objective, Rigor and Relevance Activities, and Exploratory Activities. Coaching and question-asking is fundamental to each section. The curricula also include handouts, unit quizzes and keys, and PowerPoint presentations. Fundamentally, we believe that this content should be reviewed and tested so that students can build their test-taking abilities and also improve their memory techniques. Without the “teeth” of testing, students can often disregard the class as non-academic.
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2012 Georgetown University Summer Programs for High School Students Brochure

Discover your passion this summer at Georgetown University. Whether you're seeking college credit, exploring a new interest or want to experience campus life firsthand, you are certain to find a program at Georgetown that both sets you apart from your high school peers and leaves a lasting impression for years to come.
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FAFSA: The How-To Guide for High School Students (And the Adults Who Help Them)

This guide answers the questions that high school students tend to have as they begin to fill out the federal government's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The guide is designed to be helpful to all high school students. But it is particularly useful for students who are first in their family to go to college or come from non-traditional families or households. The guide is also designed to assist parents, guidance counselors, teachers and others in the community who help students fill out the FAFSA.
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Top Ten Strengths and Experiences Colleges look for in High School Students

As has been true for more than five years, a student’s academic performance in high school tops the list. Most important is a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges the student. While grades are important, educational consultants believe that demonstrating a willingness to challenge oneself is more important. Additionally, IECA members felt that grades need to show an upward trend—mediocre grades in the freshman year can be overcome by demonstrating that better grades came with maturity. According to IECA members, colleges want to know what type of student will be arriving on campus—not who the student was four years go.
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Disruptive High School Students

Disruptive High School Students
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High School Students Shine at The AutoShow

Irrespective of economy crises, Centennial College recognizes the student talent aptly. High school students out smart the stalwarts in automotive technical knowledge. The students showed the automotive skills and enthralled the audience. Birchall and Salb collected a trophy and equipment from sponsors overwhelmingly.
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Where I'm From: Powerful Poems from Middle and High School Students

A collection of 30 poems from WKCD's "Where I'm From" poetry contest—from middle and high school studdents across the U.S.
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S.A.T. Prep Advice For High School Students

On the internet tutoring is a good resource of fin...
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SAT Preparation Plans For High School Students

In this article are some reminders that I provide ...
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