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Heavy Metal Tribune issue 2 (September 2012)

The second issue of Heavy Metal Tribune featuring interviews with Brazilian thrash maniacs Violator, oppressive Australian black/death metal outfit Greed & Rapacity, American death metal band Marasmus and Malaysian depressive/melancholic black metal band Filsufatia. In addition, we introduce our new News section, alongside our usual editors’ picks, with 6 albums that will leave your ears bleeding in joyful pain!
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Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 3

The third issue of Heavy Metal Tribune zine! In this issue, we talk to Greek symphonic extreme metallers Septicflesh, New Zealand old school heavy metal revivalists Razorwyre, Mexican old school death metal horde Zombiefication and local goregrind-turned-techdeath band Cardiac Necropsy. Also, Aeternus Metallum recommends 6 records!
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Nutrients that Aid in Heavy Metal Detox

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 4 (November 2012)

OUT NOW: The fourth (November 2012) issue of Heavy Metal Tribune! This month we talk to Dagon, mastermind behind the cult black metal band Inquisition to learn more about the history of the ancient cult, and their evolution over the years. Rob Moschetti then tells us more about the project featuring Exodus‘ Rob Dukes, Generation Kill. Polish death metal supergroup Masachist graces our Sounds of the Underground column this month, and Singapore thrashers Xanadoo tells us more about the shit that goes on behind the scenes and in their heads. And as usual, 6 records that will leave your neck totally destroyed.
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Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Heavy Metal Tribune issue 1

Debut issue of the Heavy Metal Tribune fanzine, featuring interviews with Decapitated, Nervecell and Binah.
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Digital publication details: 12 pages.

heavy metal - nepal

heavy metal - nepal
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Heavy Metal

A brief description of heavy metal, copy pasted from wikipedia
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Tearing It Up - Learn Heavy Metal Guitar

Tearing It Up - Learn Heavy Metal Guitar
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2008 Best of LIst Heavy Metal

2008 Best of List: Heavy Metal (2 pages)
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