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Crown Publishing Group Spring 2010 Catalog

From serious nonfiction and business books, to literature, humor, craft, and cookbooks, The Crown Publishing Group has an incredible and varied list of books from all categories for Spring 2010.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 09/20/2009
Digital publication details: 250 pages.

Crown Publishing Group Summer 2010 Catalog

From serious nonfiction and business books, to literature, humor, craft, and cookbooks, The Crown Publishing Group has an incredible and varied list of books from all categories for Summer 2010.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 12/06/2009
Digital publication details: 240 pages.

Is This Bottle Corked by Michael Bywater and Kathleen Burk - Excerpt

We’ve all come across those suave, confident, and all-so-knowing books that tell us precisely what to drink with which dish, how to swirl, sniff, slosh, and pronounce on our wine, and, above all, how to impress our friends and business associates with our expertise. Well, this is not one of those books. Is This Bottle Corked? is something different: a book that poses–and answers–the really important questions about wine.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 09/13/2009
Digital publication details: 26 pages.

Cash in a Flash by Mark Victor Hansen - Excerpt

Right now, everyone needs trusted, proven, practical advice and techniques for making money fast. In Cash in a Flash, two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country show readers how to use the skills and resources they already have to generate permanent and recurring streams of income—all in 90 days or less.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 09/09/2009
Digital publication details: 42 pages.

At Least in the City Someone Would Hear Me Scream, by Wade Rouse - Excerpt

Finally fed up with the frenzy of city life and a job he hates, Wade Rouse decided to make either the bravest decision of his life or the worst mistake since his botched Ogilvie home perm: to uproot his life and try, as Thoreau did some 160 years earlier, to "live a plain, simple life in radically reduced conditions." At Least in the City Someone Would Hear Me Scream is a sidesplitting and heartwarming look at taking a risk, fulfilling a dream, and finding a home–with very thick and very dark curtains.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 06/02/2009
Digital publication details: 37 pages.

Eternity Soup by Greg Critser - Excerpt

Mix the latest and most rigorous scientific research, irrepressible old-fashioned entrepreneurship, and the ancient human desire to live forever (or at least a lot longer) and the result is today’s exploding multibillion-dollar antiaging industry. Its achievements are so far mostly marginal, but its promises flow with all the allure of a twenty-first-century fountain of youth. In Eternity Soup, acclaimed science writer Greg Critser takes us to every outpost of the antiaging landscape, home to zealots and skeptics, charlatans, and ingenious clinicians and academics.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 02/01/2010
Digital publication details: 15 pages.

Moonwalk by Michael Jackson

With original Foreword by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, a new Introduction by Motown founder Berry Gordy, and an Afterword by Michael Jackson’s editor and publisher, Shaye Areheart. From the 1988 edition: Megastar Michael Jackson’s singularly brilliant career and intensely private lifestyle have become a magnificent obsession for millions of rock fans and celebrity watchers throughout the world. His double-platinum singles rocket to the top of the music charts with a velocity equaled only by the inevitable accompaniment of wild rumors about his eccentric personal life. Now for the first time, Michael Jackson breaks the fiercely guarded barrier of silence that has surrounded him in a remarkably candid and courageous book — Moonwalk.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 10/07/2009
Digital publication details: 11 pages.

The Gerbil Farmer's Daughter, by Holly Robinson - Excerpt

“What kind of Navy officer sits on his ship in the middle of the Mediterranean dreaming of gerbils?” That’s the question that Holly Robinson sets out to answer in this warm and rollicking memoir of life with her father, the world’s most famous gerbil czar. Told with heart, humor, and affection, The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter is Holly’s ode to a weird and wonderful upbringing and her truly one-of-a-kind father.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 05/25/2009
Digital publication details: 28 pages.

Magnificent Desolation by Buzz Aldrin - Excerpt

Forty years ago, Buzz Aldrin became the second human, minutes after Neil Armstrong, to set foot on a celestial body other than the Earth. The event remains one of mankind’s greatest achievements and was witnessed by the largest worldwide television audience in history. In the years since, millions more have had their Earth-centric perspective unalterably changed by the iconic photograph of Aldrin standing on the surface of the moon, the blackness of space behind him and his fellow explorer and the Eagle reflected in his visor.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 06/22/2009
Digital publication details: 33 pages.

Cartwheels in a Sari by Jayanti Tamm - Excerpt

In this colorful, eye-opening memoir, Jayanti Tamm offers an unforgettable glimpse into the hidden world of growing up “cult” in mainstream America. Through Jayanti’s fascinating story–the first book to chronicle Sri Chinmoy–she unmasks a leader who convinces thousands of disciples to follow him, scores of nations to dedicate monuments to him, and throngs of celebrities (Sting, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela) to extol him.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 04/21/2009
Digital publication details: 21 pages.
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