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Getting a Hamster Cage - Tricks of a Pleased Hamster

Be absolutely sure that the hamster property you c...
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Hamster Habitat

Hamster Habitat: Super Pet CritterTrail Primary Habitat
Uploaded by dankurdi on 01/20/2012
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The Hamster Mag -Issue 1

The Hamster Mag is a e-zine choc full of hamsters, hamster care and hamster stories! Enjoy! Visit our website at http://thehamstermag.webs.com/
Uploaded by linford27 on 02/04/2013
Digital publication details: 40 pages.
Tags: care · hamsters · pets

Supahamster Care Guide

Just because they are small, don't go thinking that you can give hamsters any less care, commitment and love than you'd give to a bigger pet. In this section, we show you by far the best way to give your pet hamster be it a Syrian or Dwarf the time of his little life - which usually lasts around two years.
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Hamstar Packaging Process Book

Hamstar Packaging Process Book
Uploaded by jenelledagres on 03/18/2013
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The Hamster Mag - Issue Two

Issue two of the hamster magazine! Visit our website: http://thehamstermag.webs.com/
Uploaded by linford27 on 04/15/2013
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ultimate guide to hamster training - sample pages

Serious about The Ultimate Guide for Hamster care and training by S.H.Chowdhry
Uploaded by upraisemedia on 08/07/2010
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Bonus Hamster Ebook

Bonus Hamster Ebook
Uploaded by upraisemedia on 08/07/2010
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AKUSA Magazine Media Kit 2012

Introducing a new kind of pet magazine! One that celebrates the human connection with all species of pets – dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. Most pet magazines focus on one species, but AKUSA Magazine is all-inclusive. The intention of AKUSA Magazine is to educate readers about pet care and promote proper ownership of all animals. We encourage readers to provide pets with a happy, safe and loving environment – by practicing proper care which includes purchasing top quality food, products and services. For those who don’t own pets, AKUSA Magazine will promote the joy of ownership and educate consumers about proper care – providing them with a level of confidence to become owners of domestic and exotic pets.
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Daddy Fixes Everything

Daddy Fixes Everything provides children and their parents with tools to cope with departure and loss; so doing in language and register that are age-appropriate (5-14). The story introduces a father who is ever-busy fixing broken toys and household sundries while surrounded by his children’s commotion. All is well until one child (Danielle) discovers that the pet hamster is not moving. Figuring dad, who can fix just about anything, can fix the hamster as well; Danielle arranges a rescue operation, only to find out that resurrection is not included in the father’s repertoire of skills… The story then takes a different tone as the family, particularly the children, presented with the first-time experience of facing death and its emotional ramifications, must come to terms with the passing away of their pet. It is a unique story, in approach and its related rewards.
Uploaded by ronendivon on 10/25/2011
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Tags: soul · dog · family · parting · children · dying · cat · pet · grief · memories · departure · heaven · separation · loss · counseling · reincarnation · hope · death · kids
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