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Burgess Excel - Guineapig Care Guide
Guinea pigs are small and gentle-natured, but lively too, they love being handled, they're inquisitive, they're quite vocal and they rarely bite or scratch. They live for between four and eight years and they're not difficult to look after. But looking after them properly does mean knowing about the right handling, housing and food - and that's just what this section is all about. Read this guide carefully and you'll be ready for the enormous rewards of having a pet guinea pig of your very o
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WOW What's On Where January 2011
What's On in the Midlands, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Birmingham, Market Harborough, Competitions, Theatre, Cinema, Events, Food, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Sports, Leisure, Arts, Movies, Dance, Education
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In this issue we are publishing the results of the research recently carried out with Poles in the North East. It seems that we get most of our information about living and working in the UK from friends. We wanted to come here for better job opportunities, but we still work below our qualification levels. The group that has been interviewed mainly consists of people aged 25-39 years. (‘Migrants and Mobility’, p.31). This issue also includes research results about some of the eating habits we have brought with us from Poland. It appears that we find food more expensive here, and the shops do not sell everything we want. In fact, given a choice us Poles would be happy eating only Polish food according to the research findings ( ‘You are what you eat’, p. 23).
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WAO White Book on Allergy
The WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY provides evidence about the increasing prevalence of allergic diseases worldwide and offers "high level" recommendation for action on allergy education for health care professions and enhanced patient service provision.The WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY includes a tabulated presentation of the impact of allergic diseases in 43 countries provided by Member Societies of the WAO. Although this information is a mixture of published literature and anecdotal comment, it provides a consistent message that allergic diseases are reaching epidemic proportions in the world and are not being appropriately diagnosed and treated.
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The Hygenic Care of Children
A Must Read Book for all parents and caregivers!
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raziskave THC
vse raziskave glede medicinske konoplje
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Hospitality Black Book
UK Hospitality Black Book 2011 is a database for the UK hospitality industry which includes hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. The Black Book will consist of a directory listing of movers and shakers in the hospitality industry and A-Z company index. The publication will also have papers on the latest trends, statistics and changes in the law that effects the industry and a forward from Bob Walton, president of Restaurant association and the British Hospitality association.
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Rsis update (august 2014)
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RSIS Update (August 2014)
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Rsis update august 2014
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