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GS100 Outsourcing Compendium
This compendium is the complete compilation of the 2010 GS100 research by Global Services and NeoAdvisory.
Uploaded by globalservicesmedia on 08/31/2010
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Shaping the Battleground for GS100 Service Providers
The recession changed several rules in global sourcing. The GS100 is a study in how service providers withstood the shocks and adapted.
Uploaded by globalservicesmedia on 08/01/2010
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The 2010 Global Services 100 Study is the annual research done by Global Services Media along with neoAdvisory, the globalization and sourcing advisory firm. The study involves an extensive survey that seeks both quantitative and qualitative information from service providers who voluntarily opt to participate. Traditionally, the objective of the study traditionally has been to identify the top 100 service providers in ITO and BPO and the top companies across various segments. But this year, we hope to present much more detailed analysis on these companies, analyze key industry sub-segments, and assess company differentiators and market positioning, to draw a more complete picture of the landscape of the global outsourcing service provider industry. The objective largely remains the same: to recognize excellence amongst service providers and to help buyers of services choose the right service provider.
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GS100: Global Services Compendium 2012
The Global Services 100, now in its seventh year, is a tool for buyers of business and technology services to identify and select the right vendor. The study is done under the guidance of Neogroup, a globalization advisory firm. Service providers opt-in to participate in the study that is conducted online. The GS100 analytical model is based on four key criteria: performance and leadership, quality and maturity of customers, breadth of services offered, and spread of global delivery capabilities.
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GlobalLogic Selected as a Top 100 Global Services Provider
GlobalLogic, a leader in software R&D services, today announced the company has been featured as a Top 100 Global Services Provider as well as a Top Product Engineering Vendor in the 2011 GS100 list.
Uploaded by globallogic on 07/26/2011
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College Catalog 2010-2011
Trocaire College 2010-2011 College Catalog.
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2011-2012 College Catalog
The 2011-2012 College catalog for Trocaire College.
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HIV Handbook Volume 2A
HIV Handbook Volume 2A
Uploaded by tomtranmer on 12/03/2012
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Tags: 2013 · handbook · hiv

Alcoholism the Science Made Easy
Alcoholism: The Science Made Easy highlights current findings in the field of alcoholism, and presents science-based information in a concise, easy-to-understand format. Among the many topics covered are: genetics and other risk factors, pharmacological approaches, neurobiological consequences of alcohol abuse, special populations, violence, injury, pregnancy, adolescents, prevention, mental health and physical health.
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2008-2009 DSU Undergraduate Catalog
2008-2009 DSU Undergraduate Catalog
Uploaded by kwrydberg on 03/29/2009
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