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Daily grooming is a vital part of horse care, and this Simple Solutions title by Elizabeth Moyer encapsulates the benefits and procedure in an easy-to-read entertaining way. Grooming offers many healthful rewards to the horse and also helps to build a bond between owner and his or her horse. This guide, with colorful and instructive illustrations by Jean Abernethy, offers advice on choosing the right equipment (brushes, currycomb, hoof pick, grooming mitts, etc.) and the best way to groom a horse. Starting with the stiffest brush and progresses to the softest one, grooming should systematic for you and therapeutic for the horse. While the goal is to remove dirt and shine the coat, the groomer is also giving the horse quality time and improving its health and hygiene. There are chapters on hoof care, mane and tail care, bathing, and trimming that offer readers specific advice about grooming the horse's whole body.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9781931993975

176 Abs. 4 Nr. 3 StGB normiert die Strafbarkeit von Cyber-Grooming und soll Kinder besser vor sexuellem Missbrauch schtzen. Bereits im Vorfeld stattfindende Handlungen sind danach strafbar. Diese Arbeit untersucht das Phnomen und prft die Legitimation der Norm in ihrer aktuellen Fassung.
Category: Law. ISBN: 9783631760901

Grooming Lucy
Lucy has been submissive for as long as she can remember, but she knows that she'll have to change if her marriage to tycoon Don Langford is to survive. A former lover can help her, but on one condition - that she reports to a Japanese brothel for training. When she returns to confront Don, it is Lucy who gives the orders.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780352335296

Grooming to Win
This is the definitive book on grooming your horse to catch the judge's eye. It features over 400 detailed drawings illustrating every aspect of grooming. Completely updated, it details current practices and requirements and covers conditioning, daily care, tools and supplies, and grooming for shows. New chapters discuss blanketing, newly popular breeds, and the latest show ring clothing styles. A must-have reference, it covers all disciplines and includes trimming styles by type and event as well as by breed.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9780470047453

Neurobiology of Grooming Behavior
The field of grooming research and its significance for the human and animal brain.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9780521116381

Horse Handling & Grooming
With easy-to-follow instructions and clear photographs, this guide shows you everything you need to know to safely and effectively handle and groom your horse. Veteran trainer Cherry Hill shares expert techniques for haltering, tying, clipping, bathing, braiding, leading, blanketing, and more. Learn how proper horsekeeping not only helps your animal look and feel its best, but can enhance the special bond between horse and rider. Horse Handling & Grooming will help riders of all abilities improve, and even expand, their horsekeeping skills.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780882669564

All-Breed Dog Grooming
Written by a panel of experts, this book is a comprehensive instructional reference every groomer should have -- whether you are a newcomer to the dog grooming profession or a veteran -- and it's especially vital to anyone considering dog grooming as a career. Newly revised and redesigned, the book is alphabetically arranged by breed and provides complete step-by-step guidelines on how to groom 164 breeds and varieties.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9780793806478

The Grooming of Alice
Growing upand slimming downis the tricky proposition in this repackaged installment of the beloved Alice series. The summer before ninth grade is all about getting it rightfrom head to toe. Alice and her friends want to start high school feeling like they always imagined a true high schooler feels: confident, capable, and pretty. But a little too much time standing in front of a mirror in their bathing suits makes Alice, Pamela, and Elizabeth feel the exact opposite of ready for high school. They have two-and-half months to transform themselvesbut when Elizabeth starts taking the weight-loss plan too seriously, Alice worries that growing up (and slimming down) isn't all it's cracked up to be. As Alice stumbles her way through the minefield of early adolescence, there are plenty of bumps, giggles, and surprises along the way. Every girl should grow up with Alice, and with this irresistible new look, a whole new generation will want to.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780689846182

Everyman's grooming guide
You need to do more these days than just get up and brush your hair. Sophisticated, glamorous women expect higher standards of grooming than ever and we men have to respond. That means looking after your hair, your skin, your clothes, your shoesthe lot. But you haven't a clue about any of that have you? Don't worry it's all here. You haven't got time to lose a stone before that all important date tonight so learn how to dress yourself slim. Pull together a wardrobe that makes you look good whatever the occasion. Make sure your skin is smooth, silky and eminently kissable. If this seems like a lot of effort then you're absolutely free to carry on looking like a caveman.
Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 1908864931

Dog Grooming For Dummies
Handle grooming yourself to save money and bond with your dog Brush, bathe, and clip your dog like a pro! Whether your dog is destined for a career in the show ring or a spot on the living room couch, good grooming is important. This friendly guide shows you how to develop a grooming routine that will keep your dog clean - and strengthen the bond between you. It includes detailed, step-by-step grooming instructions for all types of coats. Discover how to Train your dog for grooming Care for nails, teeth, and ears Use clippers and scissors Groom specific types of coats Prepare a dog for the show ring
Category: Crafts & Hobbies. ISBN: 9780471773900
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