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New Age Grey Market Solution
Grey Market sales generally exist in a market scenario where any product or good is purchased or sold beyond a manufacturer’s approved trading networks. This is separate from a black market, as the goods in a grey market are authorized and legal. A perfect instance of grey market would be a person attempting to sell a product of which he/she has no license.
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Ways to Bring Down Grey Market Sales
The internet has made it easy for grey market to flourish and cause harm to the original brand reputation. Grey market goods are mostly illegal, but are sold outside the normal distribution line by organizations that have little or no association with the original manufacturer.
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Grey Market F/W 2010 Capsule Collection
With our f/w 2010 capsule collection, Grey Market has moved on from being a shop label to an independent operator. Our platform being the All Grey HQ, in punavuori, heart of Helsinki. Lookbook photography by Riku Pihlanto
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Effect of Grey Market Sales on Manufacture’s Bottom Line
Innovations in technology, marketing strategy, globalization and business expansion are all aimed at increasing the organizations net earnings or net income.
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Strategies to Combat Grey Market Sales
Developments in internet technology have made it possible for online shopping and ecommerce to flourish successfully. You have a wide selection of products today to choose from and some of them come with attractive discounts.
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Why Grey Market Sales Hurt Manufacturers Bottom Line
Simply put, a grey market is termed as a parallel market that operates trade of any product through distribution channels that are unofficial, illegal and unauthorized. The term grey economy indicates workers that are being paid under the table, without any income taxes.
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Enterprise Risk Management: Protecting Sales Channel from Grey Market Activities
The appearance of gray market products and counterfeits in both traditional and untraditional sales channels will pose significant risks to the brand integrity and organizational profits. Supply chain integrity will serve as a means to control these threats.
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Combat Product Duplicity and Grey Market with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions
In today’s world, any product fakes can be generated. In most countries, especially in the developing ones, owing to lack of adequate enforcement and regulation counterfeits survive. Similarly even in the developed countries the risk of penalties and prosecution for counterfeiting are inadequate. As a result of which, there is an acute need for anti-counterfeiting solutions.
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Turning the Grey Market into Gold - Retirement in Thailand
Article in the Bangkok Post relating to retirement opportunities for investors in Thailand.
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Annual Forecasts 201015: Electricals
The UK Electricals market has endured a difficult 2011 so far and squeezed disposable incomes and a weak housing market have impacted spending. This report examines the prospects for the market over the next five years to 2015, analysing issues such as the economy, space expansion and changing consumer demands and well as the performances of both specialists and non-specialists.Understand which categories within electricals will perform the best, using our expenditure forecasts to 2015 covering brown, white and grey goodsUse our market share and channels of distribution to find out which retailers and channels pose the biggest threatDefine strategy with comprehensive analysis of the key issues set to impact the electricals market over the next five yearsThe market recovery will be slow and growth will not return until 2013 when we forecast growth of 1.4%. White goods will benefit from an increasingly buoyant housing market and consumers making long deferred purchases. Brown goods w...
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