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Solar Panels Would Help Government Achieve Green Targets
Solar panels could soon become a far more prominent component of homes in this country, as the government continues to try and implement its ‘green’ home improvements.
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Green Dreams: a decade of missed targets
By Tara Singh & Thomas Sweetman. Green Dreams looks at the Government’s “green” targets over the last ten years highlighting a worrying high failure rate with little to show for hundreds of targets set. Examining the issue in more detail the report looks at exactly what has gone wrong over the last decade. Based on the lessons learnt the report suggests ways to ensure that targets be an effective tool of government, deployed simply and clearly to motivate change, rather than as a political tool that can hinder good governance as much as promote it.
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Green Veneer or Green Revolution?
Will local government be able to match central government’s ‘carbon neutral ICT within four years’ goal? This key question, asked in LGITU editorial back in July 2008, instigated the research programme ‘Green Veneer or Green Revolution’. When Cabinet Office minister, Tom Watson, announced the government’s aim to make energy consumption of its ICT estate carbon neutral within four years – and carbon neutral throughout its entire lifetime, including manufacture and disposal by 2020 – the British government became the first in the world to tackle the carbon footprint of its own computer systems. See this report for more information.
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The Dollars and Sense of Green Building 2008 edition
Given the success of the original 2006 Report, the 2008 edition of the Dollars and Sense of Green Building report aims outline changes and how the understanding of 'green' has evolved. It also reviews what has been learned from case studies, improvements in the rating tools, industry practices and knowledge as well as the new cost benchmarks, business benefits and economics of green buildings. Having set out the current position this Report examines realistic future goals and targets, continuing barriers, and the actions required to enable the industry to continue to move forward.
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Meals per gallon: The impact of industrial biofuels on people and hunger
In 2008 European Union (EU) member states committed themselves to obtaining 10% of transport fuels from renewable sources by 2020. Member states will fill almost all of this commitment through industrial biofuels. As much as two-thirds are likely to be imported, the majority from developing countries. Biofuels are conservatively estimated to have been responsible for at least 30% of the global food price spike in 2008. If all global biofuel targets are met, it is predicted that food prices could rise by up to an additional 76% by 2020. An estimated 600 million extra people may be hungry because of industrial biofuels by this date.
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GreenBusiness Works EXPO
GreenBusiness Works EXPO targets government businesses and organizations interested in saving green by going green.
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Green Building Evolution 2011
Green Building Evolution is an annual publication of the Green Building Council of Australia, released each year at Green Cities, the GBCA's green building conference. Green Building Evolution features the latest global research, statistics and trends, together with case studies that highlight Australia's world leading position in sustainable building.
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Green Building Evolution 2012
Green Building Evolution is an annual publication of the Green Building Council of Australia. It is launched each year at Green Cities, Asia-Pacific’s most influential green building conference co-hosted by Green Building of Australia and Property Council of Australia. Green Building Evolution features the latest global research, statistics and trends, together with case studies that highlight Australia's world leading position in sustainable building.
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Green Music Soirée
The Green Music Dinner finally returns to Berlin as Green Music Soirée! After holding very inspiring and successful Green Music Dinners in Hamburg, in Cologne in the context of the c/o pop and already two times at the Melt! Festival, the upcoming Green Music Soirée takes place in on the eve of the Berlin Music Week. On the 4th of September selected international and national representatives of the music scene, science, politics, NGOs and environmental associations will get together to collaboratively generate new and innovative ideas on how to run their operations smarter & greener. Keynotes and input statements will offer a variety of topics for rich and lively discussions during the Green Music Soirée. More information on:
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March 2013 Green Fire Times Edition
Featured this month: Incubator Spawns Business Diversity, Focus on Entrepreneurship, The Velocity Project, Rules of Engagement, Powering New Mexico’s Economy with Peer Pressure, New Mexico’s Clean Energy Economy Today, The Promise of Bioenergy Development, THE LOCAL VOICE : Be a Localist, Sustain Your Place, The Greenest Home Is a Remodeled Home, Creating New Mexico Jobs in the Recycling Industry, The Flea… More Than a Place to Get a Used Cowboy Hat, From Green to Gold: Breakthrough Branding for Today’s Green Market, Dapwood Furniture: NMGCC ’s Business Recycler of the Year, EVERYDAY GREEN: Culture and Sustainable Economies, Native American-Advised Endowment Fund Provides Nonprofit Support, You Holler—We Haul It!, B Corp Legislation: A New Frontier in American Business, Growth for The Sake of Growth, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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