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Antecedents of Green IT Adoption in South African Higher Education Institutions
Abstract: Organizations are now increasingly expected to address the sustainability of their information technology (IT) and communication infrastructure. This research investigates the antecedents for the adoption of Green IT in South African higher ed ucation institutions (HEI), namely which drivers and readiness factors influence Green IT adoption. Green IT comprises of server virtualization, storage virtualization, storage consolidation, environment-friendly IT procurement, electronic waste managem ent policies and measuring the environmental impact of IT. For the purpose of this research, Green IT drivers were classified into economic, ethical, response and regulatory drivers as per Molla s (2008) Green IT model. Additionally, we also investigate d the role of the following Green IT readiness factors: institutional, organisational and value network Green IT. IT managers at all South Africa s HEIs were approached through an online survey. Given the small number of HEIs in...
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The Significance of Green IT in the Data Center
Essentially green IT focuses on the use of Information Technology in an efficient manner that concentrates on energy savings. Going Green can be both environmentally responsible and cost efficient for the enterprise. A successful green initiative not only increases the availability of IT infrastructure but also helps reduce costs for the enterprise.
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The Green IT Environment Era
Much has being talked about Green IT these days. To begin with, let us try to understand the concept. Unlike popular opinion, Green IT is not at all about purchasing a suite of jazzy green hardware and or other IT paraphernalia. Rather the concept is all about holistic efficiency and that is what leads to more sustainable IT transformation.
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Green IT and its New Age Significance
The Green IT concept has been the buzzword now. Simply put it is not about getting flashy green hardware or any other IT devices. Rather the concept deals in with a holistic approach towards the modern day computing that results in a greater sustainable transformation.Rather the concept deals in with a holistic approach towards the modern day computing that results in a greater sustainable transformation.
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Life Cycle Assessment moves Green IT into the future
The successful Life Cycle Assessment pilot study moves Wincor Nixdorf’s Green IT program forward. The study builds the foundation for the pioneering concept of the green ATM, with lower energy consumption and reduced emissions, and contributes to the company’s eco-design guideline optimization. Wincor Nixdorf can now declare a valid environmental impact of their products.
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How To Go Green IT
Green IT is a concept developed for businesses both big and small. Businesses use up a lot of resources most specifically power and this is why power management is important. There are some PC power management systems which help computers use less energy. This allows businesses to monitor power consumption and save on cost.
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Essential Aspects to Achieve Green IT
Research and reports highlights the potential of the Indian datacenter capacity. As per the Gartner projections, the overall datacenter capacity would reach to approximately 5.1 million square feet by 2012.
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Be Energy Efficient with the Green IT Approach
Years ago Bill Gates predicted the presence of PC’s in every residence. Many opined that Bill Gates was merely promoting an unlikely situation of reaping in the benefits for Microsoft. Nevertheless, he was true in his estimation. Today not only our household, every organization is heavily dependent on the personal computer.
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Why Should You Opt For A Green IT Environment
Every business is increasingly dependent on technology, even the small scale businesses. We work on our personal computers, smart phones and notebooks every day and are connected to servers that operate 24 x7. Owing to the fact that technology refresh cycle is quick, these equipments become obsolete at some point of time or the other.
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Cloud Computing Services Aiding Green IT Concepts
It’s been over a period of three decades now that IT industry has made its impact on every other industrial sector. Nevertheless, organizations still look forward to new technological developments and innovations which would provide them with IT infrastructure and software applications to help them stand fast in face of the aggressive competition
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