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The Interplay of Social & Economic Impacts of Green Buildings
This research report prepared by Davis Langdon Australia (DLA) looks at the interplay between the three factors of cost, workplace productivity and CSR.
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Green Veneer or Green Revolution?
Will local government be able to match central government’s ‘carbon neutral ICT within four years’ goal? This key question, asked in LGITU editorial back in July 2008, instigated the research programme ‘Green Veneer or Green Revolution’. When Cabinet Office minister, Tom Watson, announced the government’s aim to make energy consumption of its ICT estate carbon neutral within four years – and carbon neutral throughout its entire lifetime, including manufacture and disposal by 2020 – the British government became the first in the world to tackle the carbon footprint of its own computer systems. See this report for more information.
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Life Cycle Assessment in Green Star - Discussion paper
The perceived benefits of an LCA-based methodology have prompted the release of a discussion paper, in order to explore how LCA may be effectively incorporated into the Green Star Materials category.
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Economic Impacts of Sanitation in Southeast Asia
This study examines the major health, water, environmental, tourism and other welfare impacts associated with poor sanitation in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The study is based on evidence from other investigations, surveys and databases. By examining the economic impacts of poor sanitation, and the potential gains from improved sanitation, this study provides important evidence to support further investment in sanitation. The goal of this report is to show decision-makers at the country and regional levels how the negative impacts of poor sanitation can be mitigated by investing in improved sanitation.
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Bioenergy Development: Issues and Impacts for Poverty and Natural Resource Management
Bioenergy has been critical to humanity since the cave dwellers first used wood to cook their food and stay warm at night. Ancient forms of bioenergy ¿ firewood and cow dung patties ¿ remain primary fuel sources for rural and poor people. New sources of bioenergy including ¿black liquor¿, biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol and many more, have great promise and generate great controversy.
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Global Wind Energy Market, Industry and Economic Impacts
This paper presents the global status of wind energy in order to establish a context for understanding the contemporary wind energy industry. It is discussed wind resources worldwide with the global wind distribution and mains concerns and how wind resources worldwide are spread globally. The world wind energy market outlook is shown; especially emphasis is given on global wind energy market by production side, wind energy converters manufacturers and economic impacts from wind energy industry on economy which it is devoted special attention to the job creation by wind energy industry.
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Greening the Wind
ind power is widely regarded as a key component of an environmentally sustainable, low-carbon energy future because it is renewable, requires almost no water, and generates near-zero emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Nonetheless, wind power development can involve significant environmental and social impacts that need to be fully recognized and appropriately managed. Of particular concern are (i) biodiversity-related impacts upon birds, bats, and natural habitats; (ii) visual impacts, noise, radar and telecommunications interference, and other local nuisance impacts; and (iii) land acquisition, benefits-sharing, indigenous communities, and other socio-economic and cultural issues
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Meeting Customers' Needs for Chemical Data:A Guidance Document for Suppliers
Business-to-business communication of chemical data, such as chemical identity and health and safety impacts, along supply chains is critically important to product manufacturers’ efforts to make informed decisions on the health and environmental impacts of the products that they put on the market. Forward looking companies working to bring safer products to market need the active engagement of suppliers to provide relevant chemical information. This document provides tools and examples in support of improved supply chain communication between suppliers and their customers, and in the development of more sustainable products.
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Human Toxicity, Environmental Impact and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation
Scientific report examining the human health and environmental impacts of artificial fluoridation of drinking water.
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Social and Economic Impact Report 2009
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