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Information and Communications for Development 2009
Over the last decade, information and communication technologies (ICT) have been increasingly used to achieve development goals. Developing countries, including poorer ones, have enjoyed rapid technological progress to help pull millions of people out of poverty. ICTs help transform economic and social activities for firms, governments and citizens.
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Green Veneer or Green Revolution?
Will local government be able to match central government’s ‘carbon neutral ICT within four years’ goal? This key question, asked in LGITU editorial back in July 2008, instigated the research programme ‘Green Veneer or Green Revolution’. When Cabinet Office minister, Tom Watson, announced the government’s aim to make energy consumption of its ICT estate carbon neutral within four years – and carbon neutral throughout its entire lifetime, including manufacture and disposal by 2020 – the British government became the first in the world to tackle the carbon footprint of its own computer systems. See this report for more information.
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Transforming Education
The Power of ICT Policies
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The global Information Technology Report 2010 -2011
Informe acerca de las tecnologias de informacion
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The ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook
The ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook: Connecting Smallholders to Knowledge, Networks, and Institutions is designed to support development practitioners in exploring the use of or developing, implementing, and investing in information and communication technology (ICT)-enabled agriculture interventions. The book is a compilation of modules related to 14 agricultural subsectors. Each module covers the challenges, lessons learned, and enabling factors associated with using ICT to improve smallholder livelihoods in these subsectors.
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التقرير العالمى لتكنولوجيا الاتصالات والمعلومات
التقرير الذى يصدرة المنتدى الاقتصادى العالمى حول تكنولوجيا الاتصالات والمعلومات عن عام2008-2009
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Application of Market Power Theory as a Value Driver for Information Technology Investment Decisions
The literature on the impact of ICT investments on the performance of business is reviewed by partitioning it into two dimensions of value creation: Revenue Enhancement, and Cost Reduction. These two dimensions are, in turn, observed from four perspectives: ICT Investments and Productivity; ICT Investments for Competitive Advantage; Change Management as an Approach to Closing the Gap Between ICT and the Business; and Treating ICT Investments as a Portfolio.
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Beyond ICT4D: New Media Research in Uganda
Beyond ICT4D: New Media Research in Uganda is a collection of ethnographic reports from diverse perspectives of those living at the other end of the African ICT pyramid. Crucially, these texts refocus on the so-called “ICT4D” debate away from the standard western lens, which depicts users in the developing world as passive receivers of Western technological development, towards Ugandans whose use and production of technologies entail innovations from the ground up. It is this ‘other’ everyday point of view that is too often missing in the ICT4D debate: valuable voices that put technologies, projects and organizations into their proper context.Beyond ICT4D: New Media Research in Uganda is a collection of ethnographic reports from diverse perspectives of those living at the other end of the African ICT pyramid.
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DESC: ICT and Low Carbon Development in China - English
Developed for DESC China by Simon Zadek, Maya Forstater, Kelly Yu and Jon Kornik presents a quantitative analysis of the impacts of ICT on low carbon growth in China, and includes insights with key Chinese and international policy and industrial research groups on the possible policy measures and initiatives that could secure the contribution of ICT to reducing China’s carbon footprint whilst promoting scientific development.
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2012 TiGiS & BuildInG Taiwan Special Edition
2012 TiGiS & BuildInG Taiwan Special Edition- More Special Exhibits inside
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