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Optimized Business Processes with Cloud Services for Enhanced Results
Achieving success in business means overcoming all the challenges and risks in the environment efficiently without any adverse effects. Achieving success in business means being the first one to capture critical information about the market immediately and making prompt decisions so that opportunities are not lost and maximum benefits are gained.
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Caloosa Tech Times - January 2010
I.T. By The Sea's Newsletter - January 2010
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Caloosa Tech Times - December 2009
I.T. By The Sea's Newsletter - December 2009
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Multilevel Hybrid Cognitive LoadBalancing Algorithm for Private/PublicClouds
Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm. It aims to share data, resources and services transparently among users of a massive grid. Although the industry has started selling cloud-computing products, research challenges in various areas, such as architectural design, task decomposition, task distribution, load distribution, load scheduling, task coordination, etc. are still unclear. Therefore, we study the methods to reason and model cloud computing as a step towards identifying fundamental research questions in this paradigm. In this paper, we propose a model for load distribution on cloud computing by modeling them as cognitive systems and using aspects which not only depend on the present state of the system, but also, on a set of predefined transitions and conditions.
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Evolution 2013 - A year in sustainable building
Green Building Evolution 2013 features the latest global research, statistics and trends, together with case studies that highlight Australia's world leading position in sustainable building.
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Consolidate and Optimize your IT Infrastructure
Organizations today face challenges that require a new approach to how IT is conceived and implemented. They need a dynamic infrastructure that reduces costs and generates more business value while managing risk to the company’s information. Virtualization and cloud computing form an important part of this, unchaining logical resources from physical elements and redelivering them in a fluid fashion – whenever and wherever the organization requires them.
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Tips for a Successful Data Center Virtualization
Virtualization brings the potential to deliver dramatic savings in terms of server count, footprint, power consumption and cooling requirements for data centers. Data center virtualization encompasses a range of virtualization activities aimed at creating a virtualized computing environment, such as for use in cloud computing, within a data center. Here are some tips to ensure a successful data center virtualization
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Cloud Computing
The term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on the cloud drawing used in the past to represent the telephone network, and later to depict the Internet.
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Green Jobs Growth Plan 2011-2019: An Eight-Year Map to a Green Economy in Oregon
Green Jobs Growth Plan 2011-2019: An Eight-Year Map to a Green Economy in Oregon.
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Paving Way for A Green IT Environment
Technology enabled business world has paved way for a tech savvy customer and globalized organizations. The widespread branches of the business always challenges the organization in maintaining efficiency in managing its the various resources, communicating, accessing information and maintaining comfortable budget while ensuring high profit returns.
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