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Innovative Cloud Computing Services
Along with datacenter activities such as datacenter consolidation and virtualization, the modern day business scenario has led to other computing trends as well. With the added financial pressures that businesses are witnessing, it is expected that there will be true production roll-outs across major financial services organizations in 2012.
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Construction Digital December 2010
Cloud Computing and Construction, Adventures in Renovating, The Cutting Edge of Green Building, Rio Becomes A Global Sustainability Icon
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Infosys - Primer about Windows Azure
This paper is an introduction on Windows Azure and provides insights into different aspects of Azure based development especially for those who are interested in adopting Windows Azure within their Enterprise IT landscape. Read infosys white paper "Infosys - Primer about Windows Azure".
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For a CIO, going green is no more a fad. It promises to yield significant cost benefits
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Enterprises Turning Their IT Green
According to a report by Symantec, Green IT is on its development phase, whether an enterprise is looking at it from certain practices from power management to virtualization or taking the top-level look at the corporate sustainability goals. In the recent past, there have been instances of corporations taking initiatives in greening their data centers. For most firms this was a cost savings tool.
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Cloud Computing Service: Paving Way for A Greener IT Environment
Technological innovations have given rise to demands from the customers for better and efficient applications available anytime anywhere. For the large business houses it may be possible to meet these ever-changing demands of the customers and invest in world-class infrastructure. However, for the small and medium enterprises, this is a far–fetched dream.
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Improved Performances and Revenues with Cloud Computing Services
Stiff competition in the business world has given birth to many challenges and risks that can make your business difficult to survive. Security breaches, data pilferage and manipulation are some common threats that can wreck your smooth operations. Many have suffered fatal consequences as they have not acted promptly and proactively to curb the menace. The rising costs can also slow the growth of your business. Thus you need effective solutions
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Be Energy Efficient with the Green IT Approach
Years ago Bill Gates predicted the presence of PC’s in every residence. Many opined that Bill Gates was merely promoting an unlikely situation of reaping in the benefits for Microsoft. Nevertheless, he was true in his estimation. Today not only our household, every organization is heavily dependent on the personal computer.
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Workshop paper published at "Pervasive Persuasive Technology and Environmental Sustainability" Workshop held at the 6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing May 19th, 2008, Sydney, Australia
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Why Should You Opt For A Green IT Environment
Every business is increasingly dependent on technology, even the small scale businesses. We work on our personal computers, smart phones and notebooks every day and are connected to servers that operate 24 x7. Owing to the fact that technology refresh cycle is quick, these equipments become obsolete at some point of time or the other.
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