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Graph Theory
This is an electronic version of the second (2000) edition of the above Springer book, from their series Graduate Text in Mathematics, vol. 173.The cross-references in the text and in the margins are active links: click on them to be taken to the appropriate page.
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Facebook Opena Graph
Facebook Opena Graph guide
Uploaded by lorenzoghini on 06/21/2012
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Content-based 3D Model Classification using Geometric Graph Representation
To classify 3D models is an important problem in computer vision. This work attempts to deal with the problem of classifying models into objects of knowing classes. In this paper, an approach based on the geometric graph representation is proposed for classifying 3D models in point clouds. The approach first uses a moving-least-squares (MLS) technique to calculate the geometric information. The point feature extraction is achieved by using spin image signatures. Then a surface segmentation is performed to cluster the point features. After that, a geometric graph model is introduced to generate the representation of model content for each model. To classify an incoming model with an appropriate class, an efficient algorithm for inexact graph matching is employed. In summary, the experimental results show that our approach outperforms the original spin image signature method, and has good performance in model classification.
Uploaded by iserp on 04/19/2011
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A Graph Theoretic Analysis of the NBA
The research paper was written by Cherlinca Boyd during her summer internship with the Ronald E. McNair program where she researched a graph theoretic analysis of the NBA.
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2.2 Analyzing Motion Graph
Linear Motion Graph
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xsMobi: Optimize Pages for Facebook's Open Graph plus use Facebook-ready FMBL
Based on a mobile site, created with xsMobi (AKA Mobihexer), optimize your page for Facebook's Open Graph with 3 klicks, link it to the Open Graph, and create content in no time and with no coding skills using xsMobi's FBML template. Kleine Anleitung in englisch und deutsch.
Uploaded by mobihexer on 10/13/2010
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My Timeline Graph - A Tool to Help You Stop Smoking Marijuana
Since you have made the decision to stop smoking marijuana there are a lot of tools and resources that are available that will help you be successful in your endeavor. One of these is known as a timeline graph. Let me explain what this is and how you will use it to be successful in your choice. Now this chart can be called your timeline graph or your personal highlights chart.
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Graph Union Poster
Graph Union Topic preliminary showcase
Uploaded by melihsozdinler on 12/14/2008
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Spectral Graph Theory
Spectral Graph Theory
Uploaded by tsourolampis on 12/29/2011
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Finding shortest path in a Graph
This program finds the shortest path possible in a graph, some how diffficult
Uploaded by hamzamac on 02/28/2012
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