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The GOD Interviews, Chapter 1 Excerpt

Imagine hearing God respond personally, intimately to your most gut-level questions. Questions like: What do You want from me? or Why have You allowed bad things to happen to me? Applying biblical truths to today's hardships, Julie creates a fun forum for you to ask your questions and explore God's answers from the Word. You'll find her fictional characters engaging. You might even recognize your own struggles in theirs. And you'll find her honest handling of Bible promises relevant to your right-where-we-live challenges. All this and more in The GOD Interviews by Julie-Allyson Ieron, just released from Leafwood Publishers, September 2012
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The Bible Is Inspired of God

Where did the Bible come from? Is it written by men or did it come from God himself? Read more to see that the Bible truly is inspired of God!
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God Keeps The Question Of His Existence Squarely Before Us

The existence of God is one of the oldest and most debated topics in the history of human civilization. Since the advent of life, philosophers, scientists and theologians have proposed arguments to support and disown the presence of God. Visit: http://www.sanjaycpatel.com/
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Prodigal God Leaders Manual

The Leaders Manual for the Prodigal God Series at Gateway Baptist Church
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Statement of Faith Church of God (Seventh day)

The Church of God (Seventh Day) endeavors to carry out the Great Commission by discipling people for the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism and instruction from the Word of God. To assist the Church in this, the North American Ministerial Council, comprising the Church’s ministerial body, has adopted the twelve statements of belief in this booklet to introduce the Church’s teaching and practice. While the Church has always maintained an open creed, these statements preserve its theological heritage, and present its latest and best understanding of Scripture.
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The Power of Words and the wonder of God

How would our homes, churches, schools-even public opinion-be changed if we used words as Jesus did? John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, Mark Driscoll, and other Christian leaders examine the life-altering impact of the tongue so that you can harness its power for God's purposes.
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First Church of God Spring 2013 Newsletter

Update of news & events at the New Philadelphia First Church of God
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God is Simple by Pamela Silberman 13.4

Getting in touch with God’s Simplicity is easy. No really! The difficulty stems only from our thinking. Only our thinking feeds resistance, making the idea of giving over to God complicated.
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We Thank God Coloring & Activity Book

Very young children can celebrate the joy of their Christian life every day with We Thank God. Every aspect of our life is a gift from God: seeing friendly smiles, telling the truth, talking to God, being cared for. We love God who made the world. God is so good. Perfect for the early primary religion class or to share with your child at home. Ages 0-5
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Skeptical Faith: Hearing the Voice of GOD through the Christian Church

An essay that thinks through how GOD's voice is heard today by Christians
Uploaded by markpowellwired on 07/12/2011
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