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Social Games and Mobile Apps Globalization
Social games and mobile apps are being opened up to an emerging global market. Learn how to adapt these globally.
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Corporate Globalization and Human Rights Abuses in the Sweatshops of Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam
Corporate Globalization and Human Rights Abuses in the Sweatshops of Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam (The Context of Children Rights, Rights of Citizenry, Gender Equality and Labour Rights)
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Globalization and the Change of the Nature of Child Care in Urban Areas in Bangladesh
Now a day, globalization is a very common phenomenon in this world. It also influences our daily life. One of the major changes which occurred due to globalization is child care. In the urban area, child care is very much influenced by globalization. That’s why a research was conducted to find out the changes which are occurred due to globalization.
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Globalization as Rhizome: A Case Study of the Late Nineteenth-Century Global Book Trade
This paper applies Deleuze and Guattari’s concept to analyze the growth of the global trade in English-language books, as this development is indicative of how a rhizomic model of globalization captures the nonlinear path growth sometimes seems to follow. Moreover, the paper examines how the development of a global book trade, and by extension globalization, can best be understood in terms of a rhizome. Finally, the paper considers the implications that a rhizomic model of globalization and the late nineteenth-century book trade has for our understanding of globalization both past and present.
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China R&D globalization market at USD 7.65 Billion growing at a fast clip, likely to overtake India
(1888PressRelease) China has evolved as a premier destination for R&D offshoring in the last few decades and its industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift like maturity and expansion of work portfolio, transformation and innovation in R&D, rising MNC competition with domestic Chinese firms, etc.
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Globalization and urban centres in Africa
The paper explores the implications of globalization processes for urban Sub-Saharan Africa. It argues that urban settlements and their inhabitants are generally unable to defend themselves against the adverse impacts of globalization or to realise its potential benefits, due to Africa's economic and political marginalization and its aid dependence
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Globalization and Development: A Latin American and Caribbean Perspective
In this book, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean draws upon the Latin American and Caribbean region's experience in order to formulate a historical and multidimensional assessment of the globalization process from the perspectives of developing countries. The first of this book's five chapters focuses on the multidimensional nature of globalization; describes the current phase of the process within its historical context of global economic internationalization; and briefly examines its social, political, and cultural dimensions. Chapters 2 and 3 look at how the economic facets of the globalization process have evolved. Income disparity trends and the underlying asymmetries of the current global order are discussed in chapter 4. The fifth and final chapter proposes an agenda for the global era.
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Globalization vs. Localization - Arbitrage Magazine - Nov 2012
Globalization vs. Localization - Arbitrage Magazine - Nov 2012
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An article about globalization
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Globalization and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Any Nexus? The research work is on globalization and economic growth in Nigeria: Any nexus?. The study adopts descriptive statistics, regression analysis and correlation analysis on the macro economic variables. The objectives of the study are to: describe the trend of macroeconomic variable; examine the impact of globalization on economic growth of Nigeria; to determine the relationship between foreign direct investment, inflation and exchange rate.
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