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Migration and global environmental change: Future challenges and opportunities
A new international report published by Foresight reveals that the major challenges associated with migration and environmental change have been underestimated.
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Application Retirement - A CIOs perspective
Application vendors provide periodic upgrades to their solutions which either provide better technology or better function-alities or both and occasionally also remove certain known issues with prior versions.While it is important that customers keep up-to-date with latest versions, the upgrade process by itself can become quite ponder-ous and seriously impact internal business processes if not well planned.
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NewsletterCCM no. 13_ENG
Active ageing: a social asset for all Promoting participation in society, countering discrimination, enhancing care, independence, self-fulfilment and dignity of the elderly are amongst the basic features of healthy and strong communities. In its strategic aim no. 3, IFRC Strategy 2020 focuses on Social Inclusion and a culture on violence and peace, and the celebration of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 is a further opportunity to raise awareness on the essential role the elderly play in society and the need for their participative inclusion.
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Manual de Backup
Manual padrão oracle de backup
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Diaspora for Development in Africa
This book consolidates research and evidence on how diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development through remittances, trade, investment, knowledge, and technology transfers.
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Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond
During the 2008 financial crisis, the possible changes in remittance-sending behavior and potential avenues to alleviate a probable decline in remittance flows became concerns. This book brings together a wide array of studies from around the world focusing on the recent trends in remittance flows. The authors have gathered a select group of researchers from academic, practitioner and policy making bodies. Thus the book can be seen as a conversation between the different stakeholders involved in or affected by remittance flows globally. The book is a first-of-its-kind attempt to analyze the effects of an ongoing crisis on remittance flows globally.
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Family. Migration and Dignity
Special issue of QScience Proceedings documenting the papers presented at the meeting organized by DIFI (Doha International Family Insititute)
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Migration, Mobility and Human Rights at the Eastern Border of the European Union
Migration, Mobility and Human Rights at the Eastern Border of the European Union – Space of Freedom and Security (co-edited with Grigore Silaşi) Timişoara: Editura Universităţii de Vest ISBN 978-973-125-167-7
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Oracle Database Security Guide
Oracle Database Security Guide
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Leveraging Migration for Africa
A joint effort led by the African Development Bank and the World Bank, 'Leveraging Migration for Africa' is the first comprehensive publication on harnessing migration, remittances, and other diaspora resources for the development of Africa. It comes at a time when countries in Africa and elsewhere are grappling with difficult choices on how to manage migration.
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