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GE News Issue 23
Inside this issue, Thor in Cinemas April 21st. The Hub Productions' Gate to the Sanctuary convention. Ever wondered where the ideas of Science Fiction that became Science Fact came from? Interview with Leslie Hoffman Star Trek Stunt Actor. Celebrate a real Geek, our friend Therese. What is a fangirls "BIG" geekout.
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Digital publication details: 14 pages.

GE News Issue 27
Doctor Who goes aboard the Enterprise, Oz Comic Con,Star Trek Con and we meet one of the Icons of Star Trek:: TOS, Retro Sci Fi Sapphire and Steel. Sci Fi stories give us a vision of the future but do they predict fashion? An alphabet for the development of little Geeks!!!!!
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Caloosa Tech Times - March 2010
I.T. By The Sea's Newsletter - March 2010
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Digital publication details: 4 pages.

The Geek - Feb 2013 Issue
"The Geek" is the newsletter of the official on-campus technical magazine or the inquisitive and tech-savvy junta of IIT Roorkee. It is a one of a kind magazine that shares your passion for new gadgets, latest technology and breakthroughs in science.
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Geek Syndicate Digital Magazine
Your digital guide to the murkey underbelly of geekdom
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Little Miss Geek: Bridging The Gap Between Girls and Tech
Technology is facing a female brain-drain. Right now only seventeen-percent of technology jobs are held by women and that number is shrinking all the time. This cannot continue: the next generation of female innovators must not be forgotten.In Lady Geek’s groundbreaking new book, Belinda Parmar charts the rise of the Little Miss Geek as she fights her way from childhood, through school and into the heart of the technology industry. Along the way the book outlines practical steps that will bridge the gap between women and technology, and help inspire girls everywhere to be tech pioneers.Women will be part of the next technological revolution. Little Miss Geek has arrived.
Uploaded by lady_geek on 09/29/2012
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Issue 4: March 2012 | Shamrock Special
With March in full swing we wanted to rush in like a Lion and added to our coverage of all things Geek with a guide for celebrating St. Patrick's Day Geek Style on p16. Be sure to stick around and check out The Booby Hatch from Dave Norton, a comic created just for DayOldStubble about everyday life in retail on p43. We sit down with Craig Stern from Sinister Design and interview him about his newly released indie game Telepath RPG: Servants of God and the development process he went through, as well as an overview of the game starting on p28. We also welcome Shea Kimbrough and his indie review of "The Dead" on p37. Aaron is back with his great D12 Academy on p20. James takes a look at the latest craze of crowd funding on p22. We also heat things up by taking a look at some of the technology porn has helped get to where we know them now on p24. So pick up the latest issue and enjoy. Don't forget to send us a letter for our Inbox and you could win a prize.
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Women Talk Sci Fi ~ Podcast 18
This year Eugenia and Gerri head off to conventions all over Australia. For Australian “Sci Fi Geeks” this is just a taste of what the rest of our fellow “Geeks” in other parts of the world have all the time! So we want to thank The Hub Productions, First Contact Conventions, Supanova Armageddon for making this year totally “geekalicious”! With lots of travel plans already made they thought that it was time to share a chat they had had with their good friend Marlene about their first convention experiences. In the podcast you will hear them talk about how they met, which guest was at their first convention and how this experience has led to many adventures.
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Issue 7: July 2012 | E3 Round-Up Edition
This July issue of DayOldStubble we have a feature article about all the big news that happened at E3. Also Dave is back with a look at some classic toys, while Aaron gives an in-depth analysis of Dominion. Movie reviews for Prometheus, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and We Need To Talk About Kevin included as well as a review of the game Lollipop Chainsaw. Enjoy!
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v11n33 - Amazing Teens 2013: These Kids Dream Big!
Amazing Teens 2013: These Kids Dream Big! Candidates Talk Development Bioshock Infinite: Worth the Wait? Shoestring's Spring Fling
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Digital publication details: 48 pages.
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