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Stable Non-Gaussian Random Processes
This book serves as a standard reference, making this area accessible not only to researchers in probability and statistics, but also to graduate students and practitioners. The book assumes only a first-year graduate course in probability. Each c

Stochastic Analysis of Mixed Fractional Gaussian Processes
Stochastic Analysis of Mixed Fractional Gaussian Processes presents the main tools necessary to characterize Gaussian processes. The book focuses on the particular case of the linear combination of independent fractional and sub-fractiona

CRC Handbook of Tables for Order Statistics from Inverse Gaussian Distributions with Applications
First derived within the context of life-testing, inverse Gaussian distribution has become one of the most important and widely employed distributions, and is often used to model the lifetimes of components. It is also used as a model in many vari

Handbook of Percentage Points of the Inverse Gaussian Distributions
The purpose of this handbook is to provide comprehensive tables of percentage points of the inverse Gaussian distribution. There is no other publication available today which condenses these tables - to such extent-in a concise, straightforward ma

Lectures on Gaussian Processes
Gaussian processes can be viewed as a far-reaching infinite-dimensional extension of classical normal random variables. Their theory presents a powerful range of tools for probabilistic modelling in various academic and technical domains such as

Non-Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory
The book is based on the observation that communication is the central operation of discovery in all the sciences. In its "active mode" we use it to "interrogate" the physical world, sending appropriate "signals & q

Gaussian Processes on Trees
Branching Brownian motion (BBM) is a classical object in probability theory with deep connections to partial differential equations. This book highlights the connection to classical extreme value theory and to the theory of mean-field spin glasses

Gaussian Basis Sets for Molecular Calculations
Physical Sciences Data, Volume 16: Gaussian Basis Sets for Molecular Calculations provides information pertinent to the Gaussian basis sets, with emphasis on lithium, radon, and important ions. This book discusses the polarization functions prepared for lithium through radon for further improvement of the basis sets. Organized into three chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the basis set for the most stable negative and positive ions. This text then explores the total atomic energies given by the basis sets. Other chapters consider the distinction between diffuse functions and polarization function. This book presents as well the exponents of polarization function. The final chapter deals with the Gaussian basis sets. This book is a valuable resource for chemists, scientists, and research workers.

Analysis on Gaussian Spaces
Analysis of functions on the finite dimensional Euclidean space with respect to the Lebesgue measure is fundamental in mathematics. The extension to infinite dimension is a great challenge due to the lack of Lebesgue measure on infinite dimensiona

The Gaussian Approximation Potential
Simulation of materials at the atomistic level is an important tool in studying microscopic structures and processes. The atomic interactions necessary for the simulations are correctly described by Quantum Mechanics, but the size of systems and t

Modelling and Control of Dynamic Systems Using Gaussian Process Models
This monograph opens up new horizons for engineers and researchers in academia and in industry dealing with or interested in new developments in the field of system identification and control. It emphasizes guidelines for working solutions and pra

Handbook for Applied Modeling: Non-Gaussian and Correlated Data
Designed for the applied practitioner, this book is a compact, entry-level guide to modeling and analyzing non-Gaussian and correlated data. Many practitioners work with data that fail the assumptions of the common linear regression models, necess

Electron Correlation in Molecules - ab initio Beyond Gaussian Quantum Chemistry
Electron Correlation in Molecules - ab initio Beyond Gaussian Quantum Chemistry presents a series of articles concerning important topics in quantum chemistry, including surveys of current topics in this rapidly-developing field that has

Stable Non-Gaussian Self-Similar Processes with Stationary Increments
This book provides a self-contained presentation on the structure of a large class of stable processes, known as self-similar mixed moving averages. The authors present a way to describe and classify these processes by relating them to so-called

Detection of Random Signals in Dependent Gaussian Noise
The book presents the necessary mathematical basis to obtain and rigorously use likelihoods for detection problems with Gaussian noise. To facilitate comprehension the text is divided into three broad areas - reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, Cra

VaR Methodology for Non-Gaussian Finance
With the impact of the recent financial crises, more attention must be given to new models in finance rejecting "Black-Scholes-Samuelson" assumptions leading to what is called non-Gaussian finance. With the growing importance of Solvency II, Basel

Gaussian Capacity Analysis
This monograph develops the Gaussian functional capacity theory with applications to restricting the Gaussian Campanato/Sobolev/BV space. Included in the text is a new geometric characterization of the Gaussian 1-capacity and the Gaussian Poincaré

The Plasma Dispersion Function: The Hilbert Transform of the Gaussian
The Plasma Dispersion Function: The Hilbert Transform of the Gaussian focuses on the reactions, transformations, and calculations involved in plasma dispersion function. The book first offers information on the properties of Z, including symmetry properties, values for special arguments, power series, asymptotic expansion, and differential equation characterization. The text then ponders on the applications to plasma physics. Numerical calculations on the function of Z are presented. The manuscript takes a look at table generation and accuracy wherein various methods are proposed in computing the error function in the multiple regions of the complex plane. The text also elaborates on the general behavior of the functions. The book is a dependable reference for readers interested in the plasma dispersion function.

Vessel Detection Experiments Using a Gaussian Matched Filter: Chapter 9 from Image Modeling of the Human Eye
Chapter 9 from Image Modeling of the Human Eye, Rajendra Archarya U, Eddie Y.K. Ng, and Jasjit S. Suri editors

Simulation of Stochastic Processes with Given Accuracy and Reliability
Simulation of Stochastic Processes with Given Accuracy and Reliability outlines new approaches and modern methods of simulation of stochastic processes with given accuracy and reliability in some functional spaces. As a large number of published materials in the field of simulation and modeling have appeared, with none studying the issue of accuracy and confidence level of constructed models, this book fills that gap. Provides an analysis of the theory of Sub-Gaussian (including Gaussian one) and Square Gaussian random variables and processesContains information on the study of the issue of accuracy and confidence level of constructed models not found in other books on the topicProvides methods and tools in measuring accuracy and reliability in functional spaces
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