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1000 trucchi per photoshop
guida per photoshop, verrabbi spiegati i 1000 trucchi di photoshop
Uploaded by liberoblues on 03/03/2009
Digital publication details: 326 pages.

1000 Photoshop Tricks
How to do 1000 things in Photoshop
Uploaded by landlady on 04/10/2009
Digital publication details: 326 pages.

For everone see this
Uploaded by thantzinhtay on 09/23/2011
Digital publication details: 326 pages.
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Photoshop Tricks
Photoshop Bible
Uploaded by instigator on 10/26/2008
Digital publication details: 326 pages.

Uploaded by acidwhisper on 10/07/2008
Digital publication details: 326 pages.
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"Images tactiles": scientific publication
We present a new interaction technique to simulate textures in desktop applications without a haptic interface. The proposed technique consists in modifying the motion of the cursor on the computer screen – i.e. the Control/Display ratio. Assuming that the image displayed on the screen corresponds to a top view of the texture, an acceleration (or deceleration) of the cursor indicates a negative (or positive) slope of the texture. Applications for this technique are: the feeling of images (pictures, drawings) or GUI components (windows’ edges, buttons), the improvement of navigation, or the visualization of scientific data.
Uploaded by ifeelpixel on 04/11/2010
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

Governance Structures of Free/Open Source Software Development
In exploring the effect of modularity and increasing scale on the dynamic of development of FreeBSD, a large and well-known FOSS project, over a period of fifteen years, the dissertation addresses several related empirical issues: How are FOSS projects organised? How are they governed? And most interestingly, how do they manage increasing scale? Does their ability to self-organise diminish as they grow larger, thereby necessitating hierarchical coordination?
Uploaded by georgedafermos on 01/04/2013
Digital publication details: 321 pages.

IUPAC Green Book
The objective of this manual is to improve the exchange of scientific information among the readers in different disciplines and across different nations. As the volume of scientific literature expands, each discipline has a tendency to retreat into its own jargon. This book attempts to provide a readable compilation of widely used terms and symbols from many sources together with brief understandable definitions. The style of the manual is not simply a book of rules, but more a manual of assistance and advice to meet the everyday needs of the practicing scientist. The second edition, prepared for publication by I. Mills, T. Cvitas, K. Homann, N. Kallay, and K. Kuchitsu, was published in 1993 and revised and extended, containing many new resolutions and recommendations from Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures, International Union of Pure and Physics, the International Organization for Standardization and IUPAC.
Uploaded by mrkleier on 02/13/2010
Digital publication details: 165 pages.

วารสารมหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร ปีที่ 6 ฉบับที่ 1(ม.ค.-มิ.ย.2555)
Uploaded by surdi_computer on 09/02/2012
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Aenorm 74
The purpose of the Aenorm is to inform all students and others that are interested in the fields of actuarial science, econometrics and operational research. Aenorm shows them the diversity of these fields. With doing so it provides a platform for students, teachers and businessmen. If you want to receive a written version of the Aenorm it is possible to subscribe on this site. A subscription on the Aenorm is actually free of charge! For other questions and comments you can e-mail to [email protected]
Uploaded by vsaekamer on 03/31/2012
Digital publication details: 28 pages.
Tags: vsae · econometrie · aenorm
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