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Glimpses of the G20 Summit: Achievements and Results

The G-20 summit was organized eclipsing the G-8 in Canada. While this was not appreciated in some circles, a few optimists believed that it would create a close co-ordination between the G8 and the G20 presidencies
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Wine in G20 to 2015: Market Guide

Canadean’s, Wine in G20 to 2015: Market Guide provides in-depth detail on the trends and drivers of the Wine market in G20. The report includes quantitative information (historic and forecast market values).
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Line Seiki-G20, 21, 22 Series: Electronic Comm's, Preset counter with Tachometer

Line Seiki-G20, 21, 22 Series: Electronic Comm's, Preset counter with Tachometer: 1 level preset : 2 level preset : 1 level preset + prewarn : 1 level preset + batch preset : 1 level preset + prewarn + batch preset : 2 level preset + batch preset : 4 level preset. Panel Size: G20 : DIN 144 x 72, G21 : DIN 72 x 72 G22 : G22: DIN 96 x 48
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Spanish Economy Ceases to be the Centre of Debate

Madrid, Spain, February 27, 2013 -- The Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, says the condition of the Spanish economy is no longer the main subject for discussion at G20 meetings. Speaking at the end of the G20 in Moscow, the Minister said: “This has been the first G20 meeting at which I have not had to be the lead speaker” or “the one who kicks off the whole affair”. Guindos said this was a “positive sign in terms of the perception of the Spanish economy”. This backs up figures published recently by the Elcano Institute for the Marca España Observatory. These revealed that the number of news items and negative to make salaries more flexible and to improve education in order “The OECD makes many recommendations and the Spanish Government studies them carefully”, explained de Guindos, who said they were not “anything groundbreaking”. Press Contact:Marca Espana Media Relations Marca Espana 441 Santaluz Path Austin, TX [email protected]://marcaespana.es
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National Perspectives on Global Leadership from the Cannes G20 Summit

The Cannes G20 Summit was dominated by the 2011 euro crisis, but the summit did succeed in raising the profile of the G20 in some countries, and the national priorities of G20 leaders were reflected in their respective national media. National Perspectives on Global Leadership (NPGL) is a joint CIGI-Brookings Institution project, led by Colin Bradford, which enlists experts from G20 countries to observe and assess, through the lens of the media in their national capitals, the performance of G20 leaders at summits.
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Prescriptions for the G20

This collection of commentaries by CIGI experts offers policy analysis and prescriptions in advance of the Cannes G20 Summit on November 3-4, 2011, addressing some of the most critical issues facing the G20 — securing economic recovery and growth, global imbalances, food security, employment, anti-corruption, international trade, and the G20 process itself.
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CJFE Review of Free Expression in Canada 2010-11

An annual report on the health of free expression in Canada. Published by CJFE (Canadian Journalists for Free Expression)
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Consumers International open letter to G20 finance ministers

Consumers International, together with consumer organisations in all G20 economies, has published an open letter expressing dismay at the proposals being considered by G20 finance ministers, arguing they "still fall short of what is required" on financial consumer protection. The open letter was published ahead of the G20 Finance ministers meeting in Paris on 15 October 2011.
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A Map for Strengthening the G20 Mutual Assessment Process

The 2007–2009 global financial crisis demonstrated that the world required a much stronger framework for cooperation on financial and economic issues. In September 2009, G20 heads of state responded to this need at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit with the “Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth.” The Mutual Assessment Process (MAP) was created to both monitor and support G20 countries in their follow-through on commitments made under the Framework.
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Final Communiqué of the G8 & G20 Youth Summits 2011

The document outlines the results of the G8 & G20 Youth Summits as agreed to be the Heads of State
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