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Combining media effects with aesthetic approaches this book offers the first substantial, systematic and coherent account of fun and its importance. But what exactly is fun and what purposes does it serve? Fun is a vital element of entertainment, and entertainment is the most important form of culture in modern Western democracies. It demonstrates that fun is at the heart of entertainment's effects entertainment both offers its consumers fun and provides them with the intellectual materials to think about the nature of fun. More than this, the book argues that entertainment shows us that fun pleasure without purpose is at the heart of living a good life. Illustrated with detailed examples from entertainment from the Urban Dictionary to The Simpsons, to the Culture novels of Iain M Banks this book is intelligent, original, and even (dare we say it) fun.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9781137491787

Messy Fun
This series is about pleasure; joyful, liberated, sexual pleasure.WARNING: Contains sexually explicit images - 18+ content
Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 9781908086839

Complicated Fun
The origins of Minneapolis's legendary indie rock scene, as told by the people who were there and made it happen.
Category: Music. ISBN: 9781681340333

Memory Fun
Are you ready to put your memory to the test? Try to remember what you wore yesterday, the details of your fifth birthday, and the title of this book. How did you do? Memory is a wondrous brain function that helps you learn new things, remember song lyrics, and more. How does memory work, and how good is yours? Find out with fun quizzes and fascinating facts exploring the amazing world of memory!
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9781512434187

Fun Works
In the first edition of Fun Works (over 30,000 copies sold) dozens of case studies with companies demonstrated the fundamental principles of fusing fun with work. In this revised 2nd edition, the Leslie Yerkes does a series of follow-up interviews to see how the original companies have changed or maintained their fun-based work environments across the last 5 years.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781576754085

Circus Fun
Learn high-frequency words while reading about the things you will see at the circus. This book features five high-frequency words paired with simple images to form meaningful sentences, aiding in memorization and engagement. Through repetition and multiple exposures to each word, emerging readers will achieve mastery of these Fry words: we, will, see, a, and not. The bright images and clever text bring the words to life, capturing the attention of first grade students. Bring the joy of independent reading to children while introducing them to nonfiction content.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9781493898541

Fun Fashions
Knitters and doll enthusiasts alike will find inspiration for quick and fun clothes to create for an 18-inch doll in this resource. The outfits in this collection come with accessories such as handbags, headbands, and cowls, while the different patterns can be mixed and matched to create new ensembles. Projects include Preppy Patty, Beachwear Billie, and Wintertime Winnie.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies. ISBN: 9781592173433

Playing with and exercising your dog (two separate but unrelated things) are the two most important components to having a happy, contented, well-behaved dog.
Category: PETS / Dogs / Training. ISBN:

Playing with and exercising your dog (two separate but unrelated things) are the two most important components to having a happy, contented, well-behaved dog.
Category: PETS / Dogs / Training. ISBN:

Comic Fun
Calling all comic strip artists! Inside Comic Fun Frank Rodgers shows you how to draw comic strip characters, write comic strip storylines, create comic strip effects and much more! Packed with practical advice and topical tips this is the book for you if you've ever wanted to create your own comics.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9780590470278
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