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The importance to undergo freediving instruction before undertaking it
freediving is a prodigious practice of holding one's breath under water in wide varieties of depths to carry out the different water-based exhilarating activities like snorkeling, breathhold spear fishing, freedive photography,and more.
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Freediving - An Extreme Underwater Sport for Brave Hearts
Freediving according to the online encyclopedia is an extreme aquatic sport where contenders who are adept in breath holding dive underwater to reach great depths. In their attempt to reach depths they are assisted by only one thing-a single breath.
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Freediving Is The Latest Trend For Joyous And Mood Full People Around You
Freediving is on one the most challenging water sport which has this practice of holding back your breath for a long time when you are deep inside the pool of water. There are different arenas for the sport like freediving including the free dive photography, snorkeling, breath hold spear fishing etc.
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What is Freediving?
Freediving can be taken up as a hobby or for more enthusiastic divers; it can even be taken up professionally. There are professional freediving competitions help every year at local, national and international levels.
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Freediving Adds Another Dimension To Your Diving Rendezvous
A lot of people are already familiar with scuba diving. It is not quite an extreme sport but rather favorite pastime for people who love to explore underwater wonders. In the realm of diving there is another one and that is free diving. It is an extreme sport which requires excellent breath control capabilities. In free diving you have to attempt to go to great depths holding your breath.
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The Magical & Breath Taking World-Beneath!!!
Ask a diver where he feels “at home”...Undoubtedly, he will opine that he feels most comfortable, beneath the vast expanse beneath the blue waters, gradually turning to green, gray, and finally black. It only makes complete sense for him to be under water.
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AfricanDiver Issue 4
Senegal, the Maldives, Dahab and Sodwana Bay; all parts of Africa and its surrounding islands that feature in this issue of African Diver. The Moving Sushi expedition alerts us to the serious state of Senegal’s fisheries and Christopher Bartlett reminds us of the perilous state of the ocean’s shark stocks. Rowan Duvel lightens the mood with his article on freediving with Mantas in the Maldives while Morten Villadsen enthrals us with his experiences of freediving the Blue Hole in Dahab. Paul Hunter takes us on a personal visit to Sodwana Bay and DAN advises on altitude diving. Enjoy this fourth issue and don’t forget to visit our blog.
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The July issue of The Cozumel Islander shares the need for volunteers in our community and an ecology report from Adrian Angula Romero provides information on areas for recycling. Join in the fun of “day trippin’” at pristine and beautiful Passion Island. Will interviews Alejandro Alcocer Alvirde, an incredible man of musical talents, and Chef Kris Wallenta delights your palate with his fire-roasted salsa verde. Julie Russell, a 145-foot free-diving champion, shares her remarkable journey from her early days as a scuba diver to her entry into the world of free-diving.
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SSI Freediving 2011 english
SSI Freediving 2011 english
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SSI Freediving 2011 english
SSI Freediving 2011 english
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