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Accounts Payable Fraud - Ensuring controls for Detecting and Preventing
Detecting and preventing accounts payable fraud will guide how to identify the different varieties of AP-related fraud schemes damaging organizations, including small businesses and non-profits,Implement best-practice Anti-Fraud Control strategies for AP.
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Pensions fraud risk survey report 2012
The Baker Tilly Pensions Fraud Risk Survey was commissioned to gain an understanding of the incidence of fraud in pension schemes and how trustees and pensions managers have responded to the risk of fraud. According to the National Fraud Authority, fraud costs the UK in general an estimated £73 billion per annum*. In Baker Tilly’s 2011 Pensions Fraud Risk survey, 12% of respondents said their scheme had suffered fraud within the last two years. This year, the figure jumped to 19% of respondents reporting fraud over the same period. In 2012, the survey reveals that nearly one-fifth of UK pension schemes have suffered fraud in the past 24 months, an alarming rise of 55% on the same period last year, according to Baker Tilly’s Pensions Fraud Risk survey 2012.
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FraudLabs Pro Pre Launch
FraudLabs Pro screens credit card transactions for online frauds. It increases e-commerce merchant profits by avoiding chargebacks, improves operational efficiency and provides business intelligence. FraudLabs Pro analytics engine analyzes the transactions and completes the fraud analysis in less than a second. It screens IP address, email address, credit cards and devices based on moderated blacklists. These high-quality blacklists can avoid any fraud recurrence. Merchants can then decide the next action based on the fraud distribution score or custom rules in all conditions. Further analysis of transactions is also available through the merchant administrative interface. FraudLabs Pro used a combination of blacklist based algorithm & machine learning-based algorithm in fraud detection. Free plan is available at Register your interest now!
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Fraud Risk Management Program
A 1-day course introducing participants to the latest methods and technologies used in detecting, deterring and preventing fraud. Understand the adequate level of controls an organization should establish to deal with fraud risk. Enhance your organization's fraud risk management capability. Featuring world-class trainer and speaker, Mr. Tommy Seah. CFE International Consultancy Group (CFE ICG) Pte Ltd is the only practicing Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) firm in the Asia Pacific. Our experts have been trained, assessed and licensed by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in Texas, USA, which is the largest professional fraud examiner organization in the world today.
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Medicare Fraud – Take Precautions Before the Fate Gets You!
Medicare fraud is costly to the health care system. The US General Accounting Office estimates that provider fraud costs the public as much as 100 billion dollars yearly.
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Fraudulent Bank Fraud Mortgage Removal By Foreclosure
Fraudulent bank fraud mortgage loan removal is a
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Preventing Online Fraud with the Best Online Fraud Protection Solution
The unprecedented growth of the e-commerce market has made today's online world full of illegal product. With most of online fraud operations being easy and unsuspicious, the actual businesses rarely get an opportunity to save their hard earned reputation.
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Profiler #3
The Fraud Finder's Resource. Issue #3
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Fraudulent Bank Fraud Mortgage Removal By Foreclosure
Financial institution fraud mortgage loan
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Ending the Reign of the Counterfeiters with Strategic Fraud Protection Solutions
The omnipresence of online frauds has become an acceptable truth in every business today. There is no business that is entirely safe from counterfeits and fraudulent activities.
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