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Stage Lighting Handbook
The Stage Lighting Handbook is well established as the classic practical lighting guide. The book explains the process of designing lighting for all forms of stage production and describes the equipment used. This new edition includes up-to-date information on new equipment and discusses its impact on working methods.
Author: Francis Reid
Published by: Routledge | Publication date: 10/18/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 224 pages

Chocolate Kisses
Inhibitions melt away with these three deliciously erotic romance novellas that have something sweet in common: tempting chocolate.
Published by: Berkley | Publication date: 01/03/2006
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 292 pages

Never Again
"One of our great writers, of the calibre of Graham Greene and Nabokov." - Beryl Bainbridge "He deserves the widest possible readership." - Melvyn Bragg, Punch "Mr. King is, of course, an extremely skilful writer. All his characters are credible, all worth observing." - Auberon Waugh, Evening Standard "No one writes better prose than Francis King." - Ruth Rendell Hugh Craddock's idyllic childhood in India comes to a sudden and violent end when his parents are murdered by natives hostile to British occupation. Abruptly snatched away from every happiness he has ever known, the young orphan is packed off to England to live with distant and uncaring relatives. After experiencing so much loss, Hugh hopes things will get better when he goes away to school, but he finds it difficult to fit in with the other boys. His only source of solace is his friendship with Brian Chorley, with whom he forms a mutual and intimate bond. But when Chorley falls dangerously ill, Hugh must confront the possibility that he will suffer yet another loss, perhaps the most devastating one of all. The second of the forty volumes of fiction written by Francis King (1923-2011) over an award-winning career that spanned seven decades, Never Again (1947) is one of his finest and was one of his own favourites. Never before reprinted and long nearly unobtainable, King's moving and heartfelt novel, based on his own boyhood, returns to print in this edition, which includes a new introduction by Robert Khan.
Author: Francis King
Published by: Valancourt Books | Publication date: 05/04/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 266 pages

Rossiana; papers and documents relating to the history and genealogy of the ancient and noble house of Ross
Rossiana; papers and documents relating to the history and genealogy of the ancient and noble house of Ross, of Ross-shire, Scotland, and its descent form the ancient earls of Ross, together with the descent of the ancient and historic family of Read, from Rede of Trough-end, Reade of Barton Court, Berks, and Read of Delaware. Also some account of the related families. 554 Pages.
Publication date: 03/18/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 915 pages

Discovering Stage Lighting
This guide to the fundamentals of stage lighting includes a series of projects to allow experimentation, discussion and analysis. The necessary equipment is described in relation to its purpose, along with checklists and hints for practical use.The practical handling of light, with observation of the relationship of cause to effect, is central to the study of stage lighting. Rehearsal pressures usually restrict the time available for experimenting with lighting for a performance, but laboratory-style projects can be used to enable specific lighting problems to be solved.The core of this book is a series of 'discovery' projects using minimal resources, to explore the use of light in the theatre, with particular emphasis on the interaction of conflicting visual aims. The projects cover all the major scenarios likely to be encountered by lighting students and have been tried and tested by the author, who has taught lighting students all over the world for over 30 years. The book has been updated to include more on safety and the latest technology including:- fixed instruments using the new lower wattage high efficiency lamps in combination with dichronic reflectors- an increase in the availability, reliability, range and usage of 'moving light' technology based on remotely controlled instruments.New lighting projects have also been added.If you are studying the art and craft of stage lighting this book is an excellent working manual that will provide you with the technical knowledge and skill to cope with a range of lighting situations.
Author: Francis Reid
Published by: Routledge | Publication date: 09/08/1998
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 133 pages

Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles: The Enigma of Francis Crawford
Since the first installment of Dunnett’s series was published in 1961, Francis Crawford of Lymond, the swashbuckling protagonist of the stories, has been captivating his fellow characters and readers alike. Instead of approaching the books primarily as historical fiction, Richardson, an enthusiastic admirer of the series, unravels the complexities of the main character by exploring his psychology, positioning the books within the genre of espionage, and examining Dunnett’s strategy of using games in her writing. Richardson’s insight and passion for his subject will inspire fans to revisit Dunnett’s series.
Published by: University of Missouri | Publication date: 06/30/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 281 pages

The ABC of Theatre Jargon (Entertainment Technology Press reference series)
Theatre, like every profession, has adapted the English language to suit its own special needs. So, anyone wishing to work in theatre, do business with it or just understand its mysteries, needs some knowledge of theatrespeak. This glossary explains the common words and phrases that are used in normal conversation between actors, directors, designers, technicians and managers. All entries represent the author's own understanding of what the words mean and reflect his use of them. Although working in theatre for nearly fifty years and trying to teach the subject for nearly as long, Francis Reid has never undertaken any formal theatre studies. Consequently, it is quite probable that his personal vocabulary has acquired not just minor inaccuracies but major misconceptions. Furthermore, since theatre is a people industry, it is inevitable that some of the entries may be coloured by personal experiences and opinions.
Author: Francis Reid
Published by: Entertainment Technology Press | Publication date: 01/09/2001
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 106 pages

The Wrestler’s Dissertation: Shanghai University of Sport PhD in Wushu, Chinese and Western Wrestling
Pankration, Gladiators, shuai jiao, Mongolia, kung fu, Frank Gotch, san da, the Olympics, Hulk Hogan, and MMA…this book is based on one of the strangest wrestling dissertations ever presented. In 2013, Martial arts author and traveler Antonio Graceffo was awarded a scholarship to study for a PhD at Shanghai University of Sport. His major was Chinese traditional martial arts, and his dissertation title was “A Cross Cultural Comparison of Chinese and Western Wrestling.” The entire three-year course was taught in Chinese, during which time, Antonio conducted both academic and field research, training with the wrestling team, learning Chinese traditional shuai jiao wrestling, as well as Greco Roman and freestyle wrestling. He also cross-trained in Chinese san da and Japanese judo, as these arts have connections to Chinese wrestling. Research he conducted outside of China included wrestling in Cambodia, san da in Vietnam, catch wrestling in Singapore, and professional wrestling school in New York. He graduated in 2016 and then set about translating his dissertation back into English. In Antonio’s own words, “A standard PhD dissertation is a dry, academic affair with all of the life sucked out of it.” This book, however, is not the actual dissertation. It is an English language version with all of the interesting bits put back in.
Published by: Mary Labita Press | Publication date: 01/18/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 556 pages

Comic Insects (Illustrated, Annotiated) (Treasured Illustrated Classics Book 1)
Seven colored and 27 black and white illustrationsBiographies of the author and color illustrations.Analyzed Reading Level 4.2, due to the antiquated writing. These are stories of five insects, a Caterpillar, Moth, Snail, Bee, Black Beetle and Spider. All told in verse, and what they would say if only they could speak. Would they each have something they wanted to teach, say or ask?
Published by: Searchtower Publishers | Publication date: 07/12/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 556 pages

The Dark Glasses
"A beautifully constructed, beautifully modulated and balanced story. To say that this is a haunting book seems a cliché, but it is true." - Pamela Hansford Johnson "[T]he writing is taut and precise, generating a sustained emotional tension . . . . a book of distinctive quality." - The Guardian "Characters and situations are delineated with fine simplicity and economy, but also with telling vividness. Francis King commands a noteworthy talent; he is one of a number of contemporary British novelists who deserve the best attention here." N.Y. Herald Tribune Book Review After ten years of marriage, Patrick and Iris Orde have become complacent and passionless in their relationship and in their lives. When they inherit Iris's father's estate in Corfu, the change of scenery and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun seem to be just what they need. Patrick is able to devote himself to his hobbies, while Iris, a doctor, opens a clinic to treat the impoverished peasants. But a meeting with a former lover reawakens old memories for Iris, while Patrick finds himself drawn to Soula, a village girl whose brother Stavro has a strange fondness for Patrick, and a sequence of terrible events is set in motion that will lead to tragedy. . . . Francis King (1923-2011) ranked The Dark Glasses (1954), the fifth of his more than forty volumes of fiction, as one of his favourites among his own works and believed it was one of his most underrated. This first-ever republication of the novel features a new introduction by Jonathan Fryer and the original jacket art.
Author: Francis King
Published by: Valancourt Books | Publication date: 11/22/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 136 pages
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