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Diversity and Connectedness as the Flexibility of Built Environments

The paper re-examines the uncomplicated initial postulates of flexibility. Extending them diversifies the field of the application of flexibility. Fundamentally one can change one’s environment not only through modification but also by changing one’s location. Therefore, flexible environment is both adaptable as well as diverse, accessible and networked. Considering movement a source of flexibility opens new development possibilities especially in the scale of a city block. It can e.g. provide one solution to the contradictory aims of housing design to build economically efficient housing on one hand and roomy multipurpose flats on the other hand. This kind of flexibility could be particularly applicable in e.g. cooperative building and co-housing. Moreover, movement-related flexibility may be useful in the design of densely built mixed-use blocks and contemporary public facilities the use of which modern information and communication technologies have changed.
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Flexibility in the Power System - white paper

The need, opportunity and value of flexibility
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Metabolic Flexibility - Extreme Human Performance

http://extremehumanperformance.plus101.com ---Metabolic Flexibility - Extreme Human Performance. Metabolic Flexibility is as close to the Holy Grail of health and fitness as you can get. if not all "cutting edge" dietary regimens rely on pseudo-scientific language and obscure and misrepresented/exaggerated claims from clinical studies to hoodwink the masses into parting with their hard-earned dough. Metabolic, Flexibility, Extreme, Human, Performance, burn fat, lean muscle, fat, lose fat, proteins, fats, carbs
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// Flexibility in Contradictory landscape

Sequence of investigations to see, find and understand flexibility in the Contradictory landscape in Nikel, and how to adapt flexibility in this landscape. By looking closer into every landscape I make an attempt to grasp all of them as systems of information exchange, understand the landscapes character, find enough information to see and identify spaces in the landscapes to keep them alive.
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Zyvax Inc - The Freedom Of Flexibility

Zyvax Inc - The Freedom Of Flexibility
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flexibility egen visning 2

showing a summarized visualization of cultural flexibility
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Definitions of key flexibility terms
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Presentación apuntes Flexibility
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Addressing Diversity in Health Science Students by Enhancing Flexibility Through e-Learning

Abstract: The technological advancements for teaching and learning sciences for health science students are embedded in the Thalluri-Penman Good Practice Model, which aims to improve the learning experiences of science students and increase student retent ion and success rates. The model also links students from urban and rural areas, studying both on- and off-campus, with the university campus and with co-students and is primarily structured to boost students confidence in studying sciences. This paper investigates the introduction of online initiatives, namely, electronic learning communities, online self-assessments, virtual classroom, and the inclusion of social media Facebook to offer practically oriented science learning to urban and regional scie nce students. It examines the issues surrounding the implementation of these technological innovations by identifying the perceptions of the students about their use, illuminating their impact on students, and clarifying the...
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slideshow flexibility of culture
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