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Generalized flexibility-rigidity index

Flexibility-rigidity index (FRI) has been developed as a robust, accurate and efficient method for macromolecular thermal fluctuation analysis and B-factor prediction. The performance of FRI depends on its formulations of rigidity index and flexibility index. In this work, we introduce alternative rigidity and flexibility formulations. The structure of the classic Gaussian surface is utilized to construct a new type of rigidity index, which leads to a new class of rigidity densities with the classic Gaussian surface as a special case. Additionally, we introduce a new type of flexibility index based on the domain indicator property of normalized rigidity density. These generalized FRI (gFRI) methods have been extensively validated by the B-factor predictions of 364 proteins. Significantly outperforming the classic Gaussian network model (GNM), gFRI is a new generation of methodologies for accurate, robust and efficient analysis of protein flexibility and fluctuation. Finally, gFRI based molecular surface generation and flexibility visualization are demonstrated.
Published on 06/29/2018
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Stretching & flexibility

Published on 01/12/2015
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flexibility_essay.pdf (PDFy mirror)

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Published on 07/26/2015
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DTIC ADA546882: Valuing Flexibility

The primary objective of the research presented in this briefing is to develop convincing quantitative methods, processes, and tools (MPTs) for determining the value of flexibility in DoD contexts. A system is flexible to the extent that it can be cost-effectively modified to meet new needs or to capitalize on new opportunities.
Published on 08/19/2018
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Published on 10/08/2017
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Flexibility of Schubert classes

In this note, we discuss the flexibility of Schubert classes in homogeneous varieties. We give several constructions for representing multiples of a Schubert class by irreducible subvarieties. We sharpen [R, Theorem 3.1] by proving that every positive multiple of an obstructed class in a cominuscule homogeneous variety can be represented by an irreducible subvariety.
Published on 09/22/2013
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Commitment vs. flexibility

Published on 04/28/2011
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Stretching and Flexibility Brad Appleton

Stretching and Flexibility Brad Appleton
Published on 02/08/2016
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Government Publishing Office U.S. Congress House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary REGULATORY FLEXIBILITY IMPROVEMENTS ACT Date(s) Held: 2006-07-20 109th Congress, 2nd Session GPO Document Source: CHRG-109hhrg28782 Superintendents of Documents ID: Y 4.J 89/1 Witnesses: The Honorable Thomas M. Sullivan, Chief Counsel for Advocacy, United States Small Business Administration, Washington, DC Mr. J. Christopher Mihm, Managing Director for Strategic Issues, United States Government Accountability Office, Washington, DC Mr. J. Robert Shull, Director of Regulatory Policy, OMB Watch, Washington, DC David Frulla, Esquire, Kelley Drye Collier Shannon, Washington, DC Related Items: United States House Bill 682 (109th Congress) United States House Bill 682 (109th Congress) United States Senate Bill 1388 (109th Congress) Congressional Serial No. 109-134
Published on 01/18/2017
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IOWA's ESEA Flexibility Request final1

Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/321095-iowas-esea-flexibility-request-final1.html
Published on 10/24/2013
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