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CEO Q Interview with Med Jones - Expert Who Predicted the Financial Crisis - Economic Crisis
CEO Q Magazine Interview with Med Jones, the expert who predicted the financial crisis. Assessing Obama's economic policies, financial bailout, warning about the next economic crisis of 2015, US debt, China, US , EU. The new world order
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Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Housing Finance
The report arises out of special session on the global financial crisis organised by UN-HABITAT in 2008. The report discusses the current housing finance crisis and its impacts on the housing sector, affordable housing and the global economy. It examines the underlying factors and evolution of the global financial crisis and its preceding sub-prime crisis and its spreading, and the major players in the crisis, particularly the role of government, government-sponsored enterprises and specialised housing finance institutions and innovative funding instruments. It reexamines the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of the current global financial governance system. It discusses lessons and options under the crisis and implications of extended government intervention in the housing finance market. It also looks at the impats of the global financial crisis
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Restoring Trust in order to Increase Market Resilience after the Global Financial Crisis
Many lessons can be learned from the 2007-2012 global financial crisis. One important lesson is that of trust between financial institutions and banks that affects the functioning of financial markets. This report from the Tipping Points project looks at how financial risk and moral hazard can be mitigated in order to prevent and/or prepare for future financial crises.
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The Financial Crisis and International Financial Regulation course syllabus
he Financial Crisis and International Financial Regulation course syllabus
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What Pastors Should Do During Financial Crisis
What to do when your church is facing a crisis.
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The Korean Financial Crisis of 1997
This book provides an unparalleled insider's look at the factors leading up to the 1997-98 crisis in South Korea and how the crisis unfolded over the next two years. Written by former finance minister Kyu-Sung Lee, this book traces the evolving situation across the key sectors and the series of policy and institutional measures the government deployed throughout the crisis. This book is a must-read for policymakers, scholars, students, and any reader interested in understanding the facts and circumstances surrounding the 1997-98 crisis, the policies undertaken at the time, and what the experience implies for preventing future crises.
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The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (5): The End of Public Support for Development Aid?
Over the past 20 years, public attitudes towards aid in OECD countries have remained steadily positive throughout economic ups and downs. At the same time, polling data shows that voters continue to strongly support aid to developing countries, despite the financial crisis.
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Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond
During the 2008 financial crisis, the possible changes in remittance-sending behavior and potential avenues to alleviate a probable decline in remittance flows became concerns. This book brings together a wide array of studies from around the world focusing on the recent trends in remittance flows. The authors have gathered a select group of researchers from academic, practitioner and policy making bodies. Thus the book can be seen as a conversation between the different stakeholders involved in or affected by remittance flows globally. The book is a first-of-its-kind attempt to analyze the effects of an ongoing crisis on remittance flows globally.
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The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (1): Emerging Markets under Stress
The global credit crisis constitutes a key test regarding the resilience and sustainability of emerging-market policy performance. Even strong performers are not shielded against “pure” financial contagion, but once confidence is restored, they may well recover quickly.
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World Bank Publications: Global Financial Crisis 2010
Recently published and long standing bestselling titles on the Global Financial Crisis
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