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The Meaning of Trans-Architecture

In this fundamental essay, Marcos Novak describes virtual spaces, concepts of virtuality, and new modes of manufacture, and the way these 3 lead to an expanded notion of architecture.
Uploaded by salberti on 03/04/2010
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

HTML5 and CSS3... Now!

This is a review of 4 popular code methods that you can use, that allow you to detect exactly what level of HTML5/CSS3 your visitors are able to experience, and implement a custom experience for a wide range of visitors. I will also look at Compass, a CSS framework that allows you to produce proper CSS3.
Uploaded by salberti on 10/02/2011
Digital publication details: 9 pages.

General Tips for Search Engine Optimization

This document provides an overview of Web SEO, including header tags, submissions to search engines, SEO-friendly site structure, cross-linking, microformats, and various other considerations.
Uploaded by salberti on 10/12/2009
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

HTML-CSS Animation

Introduction to SVG and Canvas, and the main programs used to convert Flash to HTML-CSS animations: Adobe Wallaby and Google Swiffy. Also includes an overview of Adobe Edge, a great interface that makes it easy to create HTML-CSS animations from scratch (+ a look into hacking the code for interactivity!).
Uploaded by salberti on 09/01/2011
Digital publication details: 6 pages.

Holiday Gift Box- 2010

This is the PDF kit to fold your very own ‘large gift box’, measuring +- 12x8x3 inches. Part of the San Diego ACM SIGGRAPH workshops focusing on fold-up 3d-model fabrication. Enjoy!
Uploaded by salberti on 11/16/2011
Digital publication details: 5 pages.

Multivariate and A/B Testing

Review of variable testing types: how to choose the right one based on variability, aesthetics, and test duration. Also, an overview of statistical methods for evaluating variables, and links to the main providers of variability testing.
Uploaded by salberti on 06/11/2010
Digital publication details: 3 pages.

Diagrams of Interface

A review of the ways in which the theory/ philosophy of Gilles Deleuze could be applied to the fields of architecture and urbanism. Today, when we think of the term 'territory', we think of maps as the perfect tools to represent it, but, even if we don't realize it, territory is formed by heterogeneous speeds- highways, both vehicular and informational, that define the unstable edges of our cities. Like many other tools of ours, maps are great at simplifying the complexity of reality, but, in doing so, they also oversimplify our view of the world. We have to find new ways to think, so that we can make new types of maps.
Uploaded by salberti on 02/28/2010
Digital publication details: 5 pages.

Tutorial- Digital drawing apps with Flash and AS3

This tutorial is inspired by the Bic Wall, a virtual surface where you can make your own Bic-pen-inspired 'graffiti' artwork: www.thebicwall.com It's programmed in Flash, and digitally recreates the look of lines made by a Bic ballpoint. The user draws on an infinite wall in real-time, which also displays the work of other connected users. In this tutorial, we will look at the Flash Graphics class, and how it allows us to 'draw' on a virtual canvas. We also will touch on the concepts of 'radian' and 'arctangent', and how they are used to provide interesting and realistic animation of the pen that turns about as it draws on the canvas.
Uploaded by salberti on 02/04/2012
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Design versus Non-Design

This essay defines 'design' through its relationship to culture. Historically, Modernism attempted to represent architecture metaphorically. As a reaction to this, several movements have critiqued this, but are also, in the end, simply metaphoric. On the other hand, there might be a way to evolve, through the use of metaphoric 'chains' consisting of metaphor and metonymy, as well as 'shifters' (which jump off to new metaphoric systems).
Uploaded by salberti on 04/23/2010
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Re-invented Prisons (final designs)

This document shows final design projects where each student takes a section of one of Piranesi's Prisons. Included is a review of the ways these are more or less successful representations.
Uploaded by salberti on 03/08/2010
Digital publication details: 13 pages.
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