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George Cadle Price: Father of the Nation

timeline and Pictoral overview of Rt. HOn George Cadle Price, Belize's first Prime Minister and the Father of Belize's Independence.
Uploaded by irispal on 08/24/2011
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Liars and the Father of Lies: The Nation of Islam Responds to the Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Jewish community has been put onnotice that the so-called Black/Jewish relationship will no longer be framed by a slave–slavemaster mentality. The Simon Wiesenthal Center is challenged in this report.
Uploaded by noirg on 12/30/2010
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The Jambalya News - Vol1, No.15

Taste-N-Tell. Featuring Chef John Folse & The Debut of Hooks, Lies, & Alibis. Father Nathan and Huey Long. Butcher Roy is Back on the Block. Halloween Safety Tips. Doyle on a Nation Divided.
Uploaded by jambalayanews on 10/20/2009
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Father of the Bride Speech Options and Tips

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Uploaded by captjames05 on 01/08/2012
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The Man Before the Mahatma

The Man before the Mahatma is the first biography of Gandhi’s life in the law. It follows Gandhi on his journey of self-discovery during his law studies in Britain, his law practice in India and his enormous success representing wealthy Indian merchants in South Africa, where relentless attacks on Indian rights by the white colonial authorities cause him to give up his lucrative representation of private clients for public work—the representation of the besieged Indian community in South Africa.
Uploaded by randomhouseindia on 11/26/2012
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The Story of Father William Evans, C.S.C.: Missioner and Martyr

A monograph of Father Alfred F. D'Alonzo, C.S.C., Ph.D., on the life and work of Father William Evans, C.S.C. (1919-1971) -- a U.S. member of the Congregation of Holy Cross and a missionary in Bangladesh for 26 years. Towards the end of the 9-month Bangladesh War of Independence, West Pakistani soldiers brutally killed Father Evans on November 13, 1971 on the bank of the Ichamoti River near Nawabganj of Dhaka District and dumped his body into the river. Christians, Muslims and Hindus, who knew Father Evans, hailed him as a holy man.
Uploaded by jeromedcosta on 05/16/2013
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The Wisdom of Father Brown

G.K Chesterton
Uploaded by pmajorins on 08/17/2009
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The Newsletter of Kaw Nation Spring 2013

Published quarterly, the Kanza News is the Kaw Nation’s official newspaper. It is the primary medium of news and information collection and dissemination for tribal activities, educational and business opportunities.
Uploaded by kanzanews on 03/06/2013
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Xaverian Mission Newsletter - 2010 Oct-Dec: Peace on Earth and the Freedom of Religion

Xaverian in Burundi, Fr. Lino Maggioni on dealing with AIDS victims, Xaverian missionaries in Taiwan, Fr. Edi Foschiatto, Fr. Dharmawan: parish work, reaching to aboriginal communities, teaching opportunities; US Catholic Mission Congress 2010, Albuquerque; Chinese Christian artistry of He Qi; world mission sunday; Fr. Adolph Menendez on Campus Ministry. Xaverian Mission Newsletter, a publication of the Xaverian Missionaries - an international Roman Catholic Mission community
Uploaded by xavierwi on 10/30/2010
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Jews & Slavery: review of Three Books by the Nation of Islam

Jews & Slavery: Review of Three Books by the Nation of Islam
Uploaded by noirg on 09/19/2012
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