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Family Violence and the Law: Train the Trainer
Family Law New Brunswick, Family Violence and the Law: Train the Trainer
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Georgia State Plan for Ending Family Violence
The Georgia Commission on Family Violence was created in 1992 by the state legislature to develop a comprehensive state plan for ending family violence in Georgia.
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Arrested for Domestic Violence? The Right Houston Criminal Lawyer Can Make A Difference In Your Case
As the justice system has come to recognize the social and legal effects of domestic violence, the penalties for conviction of domestic assault have become steeper. This is why it is so important to consult a lawyer who is familiar with your local court system. Seek the assistance of an competent attorney from the Charles Johnson Law Firm in Houston, Texas to learn more about what you can do to assert and protect your rights.
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IAFN - Violence and the Family
IAFN Newsletters - Violence and the Family: Action Plan for the Churches to tackle Abuse - Report of IAFN's Oceania Consultation
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Safe Places Programs and Services
Learn about all of our intervention and prevention services and programs for victims of violence.
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Hidden violence: Protecting young children at home
Violence against young children is often hidden from view when it takes place in the home and the family. Articles in this issue of ECM explore the need for good data on how many children are affected, and for better evidence about what works to tackle violence in the home; among the strategies discussed in this issue are programmes to strengthen families, engage fathers in the early years and challenge social norms. Contributions include an interview with Maud de Boer-Buquicchio on the Council of Europe's action plan; Professors Jack Shonkoff and Nathan Fox on the neuroscience of children's exposure to violence in the home; Marta Santos Pais, UN Special Representative on violence against children, discussing what legislation can do; Chris Mikton on the WHO's quest for evidence and UNICEF on their approach to violence in the home; and contributions from the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Uganda and Peru among others.
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Domestic Violence & Abuse
Additional Findings Report December 2007 This report addresses all those who answered the question ‘Have you ever experienced any abuse, violence or harassment from a family member or someone close to you?’ and it therefore addresses domestic violence and abuse in a broad context, including family and partner violence and abuse. It forms part of the indepth analysis of the Count Me In Too project which sought to identify and address the needs of LGBT people in Brighton and Hove. It draws on 819 responses to a questionnaire that elicited both qualitative and quantitative responses and a domestic violence focused interview. The report seeks to advance social change for LGBT people who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.
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WHW News Edition 2, 2010
Women's Health West Newsletter
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Why Defendants Need the Help of an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney
A charge of domestic violence can happen under a wide range of circumstances, and as any domestic violence attorney will tell you, false claims often arise during divorce or child custody cases. Visit us at
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Violence against Women in the Family in Mexico
Violence against women remains endemic in all of Mexico, particularly violence in the family.
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