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Extractives and Equity: An Introductory Overview and Case Studies From Peru, Angola and Nigeria

Promoting equity is a pillar of Catholic Relief Services' Justice and Peacebuilding strategy. Sustainable peace requires a foundation of justice. Working on conflicts associated with extractive industries has become a priority because the challenges related to oil, gas, smelting and mining operations are critical and growing ever more complex.
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International Trade in Services

The services sector is key to economic growth, competitiveness, and poverty alleviation. Comprising more than two-thirds of the world economy, services are now commonly traded across borders, helped by technological progress and the increased mobility of persons. In recent years, a number of developing countries have looked at trade in services as a means to both respond to domestic supply shortages and to diversify and boost exports.
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The ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook

The ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook: Connecting Smallholders to Knowledge, Networks, and Institutions is designed to support development practitioners in exploring the use of or developing, implementing, and investing in information and communication technology (ICT)-enabled agriculture interventions. The book is a compilation of modules related to 14 agricultural subsectors. Each module covers the challenges, lessons learned, and enabling factors associated with using ICT to improve smallholder livelihoods in these subsectors.
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Regional Transportation Plan

Regional Transportation Plan - 2007
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Final Ghana Coutnry Report- Market Research on APS

Private Schools are playing very useful roles in the educational system in many developing countries by supporting governments in their commitment to providing quality education for all. Most of the private schools are, however, limited in their ability to provide quality education services due to their lack of access to appropriate financial and business advisory services to help them improve on their operations. The situation is even more critical for private schools located in low income areas, serving low income population. These low income private schools have not received the much needed financial and businesses advisory services support enjoyed by well‐endowed middle to upper income schools. To address this, a low income private school sector market research has been commissioned by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and its partners, Gray Matters Capital (GMC) and Grassroots Business Fund (GBF) as part of a School Finance Facility (SFF) Programme.
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Maritime Technical Advisory Services

Overview of technical advisory services provided by DNV
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Enhancing Agricultural Innovation

Knowledge intensiveness has featured prominently in most strategies to promote agricultural development. In the past strengthened research systems may have increased the supply of new knowledge and technologies, but that has not necessarily translated into enhanced agricultural growth. Knowledge converts into products and services through an innovation system -- a network of organizations, enterprises and individuals focusing on bringing new knowledge into economic use, together with the institutions and policies that enable a well-functioning network.
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Land Reform, Rural Development, and Poverty in the Philippines: Revisiting the Agenda

The goal of this report is to take stock of the existing evidence on the impact of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) on poverty, to examine the current challenges that an extension of CARP would face, and to suggest directions toward achieving progress on land reform given the financial and policy constraints faced by the program.
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AIT Extension Catalog

This catalog describes the scope of work undertaken by AIT Extension in 2010. We have included brief descriptions of the various centers and other initiatives through which we are building our capability to deliver appropriate interventions to a wide variety of clients. This includes courses offered in our 2010 Calendar, and other courses that can be offered as needed, and customized for particular clients. We look forward to continuing to serve the capacity-building needs of your organization and your country.
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