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CCM’s Data book – Imidacloprid in ChinaData and Content Chunks of Export Summary and Price

Recently, CCM’s Data book Imidacloprid 2009 series have been released online. Export summary and price of imidacloprid in China are available on CCM’s report page. In the Data book, export summary will be summarized by different dimensions, including month, destination, exporter, manufacturer, etc. As for monthly ex-work price, CCM provides both data and chart for evaluation. With our exclusive primary market intelligence, you can better understand market tendency and grasp more business opportunities. There are some key findings below about imidacloprid in China.
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Export Seminar Summary

Sound Bites from the B&I Assembly and Export Seminar is a summary of the 2011 B&I Assembly and Export Seminar that was held during the Equine Canada Convention
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Pricing the Exported Goods

A costing sheet is your guide to pricing out how much it will cost you to produce, transport, deliver, and finance your international transaction. This publication contains a summary of general export terms to help you determine what Incoterms (Delivery Terms) best suit to your particular needs and identify all costs, risks and responsibilities involved when exporting your goods. Each costing stage identifies the different delivery terms which will affect your responsibilities and risks in the transaction. At each stage of pricing, your costs and quoted price to your buyer will increase.
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International education news summary, August 2011: Australia, New Zealand

International education news reported in August 2011, covering items relevant to Australia and New Zealand, both at the higher ed institutional level, and in terms of international and foreign student issues
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CTCSC Continues to Restrain Export of Phosphate Fertilizer

Strengthening the export tariff regulation will still be one policy direction for phosphate fertilizer industry in 2012.
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Fungicide Import and Export Increase in Q1~Q3 2011

The December Issue of Fungicides China News has been released by CCM International recently, indicating that both import and export of fungicides increase in Q1~Q3 2011.
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Export Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes

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China’s Defeat on Export Restriction Case not to Hit Yellow Phosphorus

Although China' export restriction case involves yellow phosphorus, its defeat would exert little influence on the export of yellow phosphorus.
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Yellow Phosphorus Export Still Sluggish

CCM has launched the first issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report, which indicates that yellow phosphorus export is still sluggish without special export tariff.
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Both Import and Export of Fungicides Rise in Q1-Q3 2011

Both import and export of fungicides have witnessed increase in China in the first three quarters of 2011.
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