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Planning and implementing com. and public partic. proc. in flood risk man.

Handbook on flood risk
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Portability of Pension, Health, and other Social Benefits: Facts, Concepts, Issues

Portability of social benefits across professions and countries is an increasing concern for individuals and policy makers. Lacking or incomplete transfers of acquired social rights are feared to negatively impact individual labor market decisions as well as capacity to address social risks with consequences for economic and social outcomes. The paper gives a fresh and provocative look on the international perspective of the topic that has so far been dominated by social policy lawyers working within the framework of bilateral agreements; the input by economists has been very limited. It offers an analytical framework for portability analysis that suggests separating the risk pooling, (implicit or actual) pre-funding and redistributive elements in the benefit design and explores the proposed alternative approach for pensions and health care benefits. This promising approach may serve both as a substitute and complement to bi- and multilateral agreements.
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The Future of Financial Regulation

The Future of Financial Regulation
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Risk Management in Agriculture and the Future of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy

This paper examines options for a possible ‘risk management toolkit’ that could form part of the post-2013 Common Agricultural Policy, drawing on the proposals and discussion in this area to date. In particular, it explores the extent to which risk management policy options in the developed world could affect developing countries, as well as the extent to which such options could represent viable policy instruments for managing risk in developing countries.
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Jean-Charles Rochet_Why there are so many banking crises

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Productive Role of Safety Nets

The paper contains a framework for linking social protection with growth and productivity, an updated review of the literature, new original work filling in gaps in the available evidence, and a discussion of operational implications.
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International Portability of Health-Cost Coverage: Concepts and Experience

In this paper, full portability of health-cost coverage is taken to mean that mobile individuals can, at a minimum, find comparable continuation of coverage under a different system and that this does not impose external costs or benefits on other members of the systems in the source and destination countries. Both of these aspects needs to be addressed in a meaningful portability framework for health systems, as lacking or incomplete portability may not only lead to significant losses in coverage for an individual who considers becoming mobile – which may impede mobility that is otherwise likely to be beneficial. It may also lead to financial losses, or windfall gains, for sources of health-cost funding which can ultimately lead to a detrimental process of risk segmentation across national health systems.
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World Bank Group Guarantee Instruments-1990-2007

Foreign direct investment and private capital flows are highly concentrated geographically, with almost half of them reaching the top five destinations. These flows tend to evade many high-risk countries, with the exception of those directed to extractive industries. Regulatory and contractual risks, particularly in infrastructure, have inhibited investments in many parts of the developing world.
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Central Asia regional risk assessment: Responding to water, energy, and food insecurity

January 2009 - This report assess short- and longer-term risks to sustainable development prospects across the entirety of the Central Asian region. The focus is on water, energy, and food insecurities in the Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic.
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