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Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia
For decades, corruption in Ethiopia has only been discussed at the margins. Perhaps because many have not experienced corruption as a significant constraint to their lives and businesses, or perhaps because a culture of circumspection has dampened open dialogue, Ethiopia has neither seen the information flows nor the debate on corruption that most other countries have seen in recent years. This study attempts to fill this information gap. Conducted by the World Bank (with financial support from the UK, the Netherlands and Canada) in conjunction with the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Ethiopia (FEACC), the study is an independent overview of corruption. It attempts to map the nature of corruption in eight sectors in the country.
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Combating Malnutrition in Ethiopia
"Despite recent progress, malnutrition remains a severe problem in Ethiopia, especially among young children. Many of them suffer lifelong consequences in terms of higher risk of mortality and future illness, impaired cognitive ability (including lower IQ) and educational attainment, and overall productivity loss.
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Ethiopia report December 2010
Ethiopia Country report December 2010
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A tool for planning agricultural water management investments. LIVELIHOOD ZONES ANALYSIS in Ethiopia
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Opportunities and challenges for sustainable production and marketing of gums and resins in Ethiopia
This publication is intended to serve researchers and teachers as well as development practitioners. It was prepared based on requests from CIFOR’s national partners in Ethiopia and the region to compile existing information and help address the lack of documents available for teaching graduate and undergraduate students about the management of forests in dryland areas in general, and the production and marketing of gums and resins in particular.
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Secondary Education in Ethiopia
Becoming a middle-income economy is an explicit development goal of many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This book assesses the implications of that goal for secondary education in Ethiopia. It shows that a rapid expansion of secondary education will be needed to support the country’s transition from a low-income economy with substantial subsistence agriculture to a lower-middle-income economy with an increased share of commercial agriculture, as well as growing industrial and service sectors.
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Community-Based Organizations and Self-Reliant Development: a study of iddirs in Jimma, Ethiopia
This paper analyzes the role of community-based organizations in a community’s self-reliant development, through the study of iddirs in Jimma, Ethiopia. The main underlying argument of this research is that over 40 years of international development have not brought about the expected results in terms of poverty and mortality rate reduction, and of improvement in health and education in Ethiopia. In this paper, I argue that understanding the over-used term “participation” as a means of achieving set objectives perpetuates the conventional “top-down” approach; and that this vision is at the core of the failure of international aid and development efforts. Instead, I argue that participation, as derived from the “conscientisation” concept developed by Paulo Freire, must be an end in itself.
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The Health Workforce in Ethiopia
Health indicators particularly on child health and malaria in Ethiopia have improved significantly in recent years, with the next challenge now focused on improving maternal health indicators. Improvements in Child health and Malaria in particular can be attributed to strong government commitment towards health results in the country, reflected in a number of notable policies and programs related to Human Resources for Health (HRH), in particular the health extension worker program. However, indicators related to maternal health, remain problematic. Ethiopia has one of the lowest levels of assisted deliveries in the region.
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Address book Ethiopia for visitors
Address book Ethiopia contains basic informaion on necessary information in Ethiopia including Embassy addresses,emergency addresses and major office addresses.It is useful for both tourists and residents. residents.)
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Italian Fascist War Crimes in Ethiopia
Italian Fascist War Crimes in Ethiopia: A History of Their Discussion, from the League of Nations to the United Nations (1936-1949)
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