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An initiative to campaign for sustainable peace and development
WOREC is continuously advocating for peace and social justice through promotion of human rights, democracy and elimination of all kinds of violence, particularly, violence against women. WOREC has been working as a pool between people in the community to the policy making level and creating space to raise the voices of unheard and marginalized groups to be heard.
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HLO ESCR report in English
The Human Line Organization’s parallel report to the State of Kuwait’s second periodic report presented to the committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
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Human Rights Indicators in Development
Human rights indicators are central to the application of human rights standards in context and relate essentially to measuring human rights realization, both qualitatively and quantitatively. They offer an empirical or evidence-based dimension to the normative content of human rights legal obligations and a provide means of connecting those obligations with empirical data and evidence, and in this way relate to human rights accountability and the enforcement of human rights obligations. Human rights indicators are important both for assessment and diagnostic purposes: the assessment function of human rights indicators relates to their use in monitoring accountability, effectiveness and impact, while the diagnostic purposes relates to measuring the current state of human rights implementation and enjoyment in a given context, whether regional, country-specific or local.
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Sur Journal 11 English
Special Edition on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
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Integrating Human Rights into Development, Second Edition
The past two decades have witnessed a convergence between human rights and development, particularly at the level of international political statements and policy commitments. This phenomenon is captured in milestones such as the 2007 OECD DAC Action Oriented Policy Paper on Human Rights and Development (“AOPP”), the 2010 UN World Summit Outcome Document, the commitments of the 2005 and 2011 High-Level For an Aid Effectiveness in Accra and Busan. The connections between rights violations, poverty, exclusion, environmental degradation, vulnerability and conflict continue to be explored and better understood. More positively, there is growing recognition of the intrinsic importance of human rights in a range of contexts, as well as their potential instrumental relevance for improving development processes and outcomes.
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Forum Asia publication with an article on LGBT rights in Asia
LGBT rights activism around Asia
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Securing Land Rights for Indigenous Peoples in Cities
This Policy Guide provides policy-makers with the necessary knowledge about the challenges and rights of Indigenous peoples in relation to land and property in the urban context. The Guide sets out how to secure land rights of Indigenous peoples in cities through a human rights framework in the context of urbanization, including migration and urban expansion. This Policy Guide to Secure Land Rights for Indigenous Peoples in Cities builds on earlier guides and is part of a series of UN-HABITAT handbooks focused on the rights of Indigenous peoples. The first policy guide entitled, “Housing Indigenous Peoples in Cities: Urban Policy Guides for Indigenous Peoples” was published in 2009, followed by a report entitled, Urban Indigenous Peoples and Migration: A review of Policies, Programmes and Practices, published in 2010 and launched at the Fifth Session of the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro.
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Annual Report 2011
WOREC Nepal has been relentlessly working in partnership with local people, I/NGOs, GOs and WHRDs for the protection and promotion of Human rights and sustainable community development based on social justice. WOREC Nepal has been in the forefront for advocating the urgent intervention to end gender based violence.
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Corporate Globalization and Human Rights Abuses in the Sweatshops of Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam
Corporate Globalization and Human Rights Abuses in the Sweatshops of Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam (The Context of Children Rights, Rights of Citizenry, Gender Equality and Labour Rights)
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Human Rights and Climate Change
The World Bank Study Human Rights and Climate Change: A Review of the International Law Issues offers a comprehensive and current review of the legal and policy frameworks governing the interface of human rights and climate change.
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