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The Brazilian Construction Boom and the Environment (Alternative Latin Magazine)

After almost three decades of low activity, Brazil’s construction boom has recently become the talk of the global industry. Yet, running parallel with this almost unprecedented growth rate is the often irreversible damage being done to the environment as constructors seek to maximize profits without due attention to the associated consequences.
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Environment Clearence and Environment Impact Assesment

Services of EPRI on EC and EIA
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Environment 2050 - Environment Victoria Charter

Environment 2050 outlines the big changes required over the next 40 years to safeguard Victoria’s environment and secure its future. It looks at Victoria’s environmental challenges and driving forces, then sets out a transformative pathway to achieve a safe climate, healthy ecosystems and a society that lives well within the means of one planet.
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Environment typography Environment Magazine - Issue 1

A magazine focused on photography of typography in the environment.
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Priority issues in the Mediterranean environment

The environment around the Mediterranean Sea region will not improve until there is the political will to enforce current and future environment legislation. 'Priority issues in the Mediterranean Environment', a joint report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), was launched at a meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention, taking place in Portoroz, Slovenia. The report, which scans existing and emerging pollution issues, draws a picture at the regional level but also provides an environmental profile for each of the Mediterranean countries. * Themes: * Air pollution | * Chemicals | * Coasts and seas | * Water This report was prepared by the European Environment Agency (EEA), EEA's European Topic Centre for Water (ETC/WTR) and the United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP).
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Indian Environment Congress

The focal theme of IEC 2004 was “Environment and Development”, with subthemes on Land and Water Resource Management, Environmental Sanitation & Health, Environmental Pollution & Control, and Environmental Policy & Institutional Aspects.
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Developing Reflective Skills of Student Teachers in the Virtual Learning Environment

A technology supported environment in the educational context has been identified as a useful work space with the potential to deepen the learning experience. This study focuses on ways of using it for the development of reflection as a key teaching competence within initial teacher training. It is based on the premise that enriched reflection conducted in a technology supported environment will result in more a specific, more profound and thus deeper learning experience of student teachers. The purpose of this study was to measure the level of depth of the reflection conducted in a regular higher education ELT methodology course after a microteaching session and to compare it with the reflection student teachers provided after their experience had been enriched by other classmates´ suggestions within VLE. The study was conducted over 2 semesters and the research sample consisted of 52 undergraduate students. Non-probability sampling was applied, namely convenience sampling. Both...
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Helping Hands: A Livelihood Approach to Population, Health, and Environment Programs

Proponents of integrated development face significant barriers, but the tide may be turning. To fully harness this momentum, Gib Clarke argues that the population-health-environment (PHE) community must solidify its research base, reach out to new partners, and push for flexible funding and programming. In addition, he writes that PHE programs should add livelihoods as a critical element, and consider adopting a new moniker, “HELP”—Health, Environment, Livelihoods, and Population.
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How to Protect Agricultural Environment in China?

CCM International will hold a speech “Current Situation and Governmental Solution of Agricultural Environment in China” during CCPS 2012.
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Australian Environment Review-Carbon Package Special Edition 2012

The passing of the Clean Energy Legislation package in November 2011 is expected to have a significant effect on Australian industries. One of the biggest questions being asked about the package is what kind of liabilities companies will be facing under this new legislative regime. This special edition of the LexisNexis Australian Environment Review has been put together as a comprehensive reference about how to calculate carbon units under the main piece of legislation, the Clean Energy Act. Written by John Taberner, Consultant at Freehills and Environmental Law specialist, and his colleague Michael Voros, this document is intended as a useful guide for lawyers and legal practitioners in this emerging, and far-reaching area of law.
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