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Omnibus Integrations Middleware is the only multi-vendor ALM/SDLC tools integration technology that is based on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Architecture. Serving as the single data repository of all essential ALM/SDLC services such as collaboration, traceability, process automation, security, reporting and analytics, Omnibus integrates multiple tools for multiple functions using tool-specific Adapters.
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Benefits and Features of ITSM as a Single Solution Offering

An IT Service Management (ITSM) Studio ideally offers a workflow based configurable global platform for implementing ITSM processes distributed over multiple geographic locations and across multiple organizations, accessed 24x7 over the Web. ITSM is available as both On-Premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.
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Bite-Sized SOA

Bite-Sized SOA Booklet
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How to integrate and Process enable your ecosystem?

Managing a software development project across a number of functionally, geographically and technologically distributed groups can be done only with proper integration. Lack of integration can cause several problems in the various development tools in a development shop. Adopting an integrated technology and an effective ecosystem is the best way to implement and automate processes across several unconnected tools.
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Top process tool selection guidelines

Although there may not be too many tools that can be categorized as pure play software development process management tools since most of the process tools are included as part of the development and management point tools. Take for instance a bug tracking tool may have process automation engine to define a bug fixing process, quite similarly a helpdesk tool may have a process to manage helpdesk. There are a few non-specific tools that focus on different development and IT processes within the same tool. Here are a few process tool selection guidelines that may offer some insight into what process tools are required for enterprises.
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Kovair and nSolutions Partner to Enhance ITSM CMDB Automation nSolutions NOVATM

ITSM automation is the key to cutting operational costs and increasing business service availability. Kovair's ITSM solutions help standardize workflow to increase operational efficiency and enable end-to-end service delivery based on best practice guidelines of ITIL v3. Integration with NOVA, through Kovair's Omnibus Integration Middleware, will allow customers to create a real time repository of their network attached assets, distributed over multiple geographic locations and across multiple organizations and have full visibility and reporting with Kovair's ITSM Studio Product with its global access capabilities.
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Building a Case for ALM Middlewar

Integrated ALM is popularly known as End-To-End ALM as per some vendor websites but there are very few vendors who actually are able to deliver the promise of point-to-point integration architecture. Here is where ALM Middleware can help achieve an Integrated ALM for a mixed vendor tools environment. Typically in a software development process, various tools are used both for managing the development process as also for the actual creation, testing, building and deployment of software codes.
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Understanding the Significance of Tools Integration

Based on their functions, technologies and geographical locations, developers of any product development lifecycle usually work in isolation. It is often found that tools within the enterprise do not communicate with each other. Be it a requirement management tool not communicating with a test management tool or a test management tool not communicating with an Issue tracking tool.
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Application Lifecycle Management Solution

Application Lifecycle Management Solution provides a rich and configurable, global platform for implementing Software Development Lifecycle process, collaborating on the entire development cycle and tracing implementations back to original requirements. ALM Solutions ensures that all stake-holders and teammembers are working from the same playbook, no matter where they are located, and that there are no costly last minute surprises.
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Examples of How Justice Agencies Use an ESB

Today’s reality demands that justice organizations do more with less while maintaining high levels of service to their constituents. Current approaches to information sharing initiatives involving manual, point-to-point, and redundant business processes are not feasible considering the amount of information processed in our digitized world.
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