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JDSU Strengthens Authentication Solutions with Additional Online Brand Monitoring Capabilities

JDSU today announced that it is expanding its range of offerings with the addition of an online brand monitoring service. JDSU is leveraging the expertise and commercially-proven technology of NewMomentum, a provider of online brand protection solutions based in San Rafael, California.
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Resourceful Revenue Recovery when experiencing Enterprise brand and IP risk

Today’s emphasis on globalization and outsourcing offers many cost reduction benefits to enterprises that manufacture or use electronic components. But this business is not just a bed of roses – there is a significant proliferation of counterfeits and sales through unauthorized channels.
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Luxury Goods: Genuine or Fake?

The counterfeit and gray market luxury goods trade is so big that experts estimate it to be anywhere from $200-$600 billion globally. That’s a wide range – and rightly so.
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Impact of counterfeits on electronics companies

Outsourcing and globalization have numerous benefits, but there is a downside—the proliferation of counterfeits and sales through unauthorized channels. This paper demonstrates the impact of counterfeits on electronics companies and gives solutions for finding the violators as well as a four-step roadmap for recovering revenue lost to counterfeits.
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Four Ways to Stop Counterfeited Pharmaceuticals

New Momentum strongly believes that all members of the pharmaceutical ecosystem – manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies, and solutions providers -- must work together to alleviate and eventually eliminate this threat to patient safety and wellness.
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Enterprise risk management and budgetary control: a management challenge

This report argues that the managerial role of ERM and its link with budgeting is both a strategic and a management challenge for companies. The research undertaken looks at specific case studies in order to gain a deeper understanding of the actual impact of ERM on budgeting, but also to capture the nature of ERM within each of the organisations and the factors shaping its achievements.
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A structured approach to enterprise risk management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000

A successful enterprise risk management (ERM) initiative can affect the likelihood and consequences of risks materialising, as well as deliver benefits related to better informed strategic decisions, successful delivery of change and increased operational efficiency. Other benefits include reduced cost of capital, more accurate financial reporting, competitive advantage, improved perception of the organisation, better marketplace presence and, in the case of public service organisations, enhanced political and community support. This guide provides a brief commentary on ISO 31000 as well as setting out advice on the implementation of an ERM initiative.
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Enterprise Risk Management & Organizational Change in a Non-Risk Static World

This paper will attempt to disagree with the notion that risk is static, hence, the need for organizations to adapt the practice of enterprise-wide risk management as a core part of organizational culture.
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Two More Global Pharmaceutical Companies Choose New Momentum to Stop Counterfeits

New Momentum offers SaaS‐based Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software that combats the rapidly increasing revenue, profit, brand, and market share erosion resulting from global outsourcing and Internet trading. The company’s solutions, which provide unmatched visibility into the global open market, include Enterprise Brand Intelligence (anti‐counterfeiting) and Enterprise Sales Intelligence (finds channel violations).
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