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The Three Major Demographics for Online Marketers (Part 2): Marketing to Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are serious online shoppers and social media users; solely focusing on the younger audience means missing out an important part of the prosperous +55 market.
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Online Video: Making Content Pay

eMarketer - August 2007
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Top Digital Trends 2012

eMarketer Top Digital Trends 2012
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High mobile penetration & social media drives Online shopping

According to a report by eMarketer, US consumers alone will spend nearly $37.44 billion in 2013 on purchases made via smart phones or any mobile devices like tablets or laptops which is approx. 57% more than last year figures. As far as number of mobile shoppers are concerned, such high revenues denotes an approx. 23million more consumers for 2013 reaching the figure to 118 million. Such a figure also indicates a more mobile centric lifestyle even if shoppers don’t buy on mobile.
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2007 Digital Economy Fact Book

The Ninth Edition of The Digital Economy Fact Book provides a factual basis from which analysis of the digital economy can begin. In seven key sections, it presents the best available information on: • The Growth of the Internet • The Hardware Sector • The Communications Sector • Digital Media • Electronic Commerce • Threats to the Digital Economy • The Worldwide Digital Economy
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10 Best practices for sucess with Social Media

10 Best practices for sucess with Social Media
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APAC Digital Book 07

Asia Pacific Digital Yearbook 2007
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Digital Marketing report

How will the digital revolution affect marketing and communications for food and drink brands?
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The Information Needs of Communities

In most ways today’s media landscape is more vibrant than ever, offering faster and cheaper distribution networks, fewer barriers to entry, and more ways to consume information. Choice abounds. Local TV stations, newspapers and a flood of innovative web start-ups are now using a dazzling array of digital tools to improve the way they gather and disseminate the news—not just nationally or internationally but block-by-block. The digital tools that have helped topple governments abroad are providing Americans powerful new ways to consume, share and even report the news.
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Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem

In two decades the Internet has become central to social and economic life and is, today, a mature and integral element of the U. S. national economy.
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