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Writings of Areepattamannil
Multicultural Education
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Writings of Areepattamannil
Book Review
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Writings of Areepattamannil
Northern Lights: International Graduates of Canadian Institutions and the National Workforce.
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Writings of Areepattamannil
Book Review
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Developing Post-Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Because of the remarkable progress that countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have made toward universalizing primary school completion (a Millennium Development Goal), many young Africans are completing primary schooling and many more will do so in the coming years. As they seek opportunities for further education, the pressure to expand places in secondary and tertiary education, already strong at present, can be expected to intensify in the future. Finding a sustainable path for expansion is thus a challenge that all countries in the region are grappling with.
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Departments of Education & Physical Education
Education and Physical Education brochure
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The Role and Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Education
The book offers an overview of international examples, studies, and guidelines on how to create successful partnerships in education. PPPs can facilitate service delivery and lead to additional financing for the education sector as well as expanding equitable access and improving learning outcomes.
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Financing Higher Education in Africa
Sustainable growth in SSA is contingent on the capacity of States to diversify their economies and thus train human capital that will help carry out and support this transformation. Higher education plays a key role in training qualified individuals who will be able to implement new technologies, and use innovative methods to establish cost-efficient and effective enterprises and institutions.
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What Exactly Is The Education For Real Life Actually?
Do you always worry about money all the time? If you’re not one of them, then this post is not for you. But if you do, then you need to read this post. Why? Because most of us made this simple mistake in life, that can drastically destroy our own freedom.
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The Status of the Education Sector in Sudan
"The Government of Sudan has made great efforts in increasing access to education for children in northern Sudan across education sub-sectors over the past decade. In particular, educational access for children in areas previously affected by conflict has improved substantially since the signing of the peace agreements of 2005 and 2006. Estimates suggest that, on average, 90 percent of all children in northern Sudan had access to a formal school in 2010. However, inequities in access to schooling by gender and location persist. "
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