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Phillips de Pury and Company presents the Editions auction on 29 October 2012 at 450 Park Avenue, New York.
Uploaded by phillipsdepury on 09/30/2012
Digital publication details: 324 pages.

Editions Sale

Auction 21 November 2010 New York
Uploaded by phillipsdepury on 10/19/2010
Digital publication details: 252 pages.


Auction 8 June 2011 2pm 450 Park Avenue, New York
Uploaded by phillipsdepury on 04/28/2011
Digital publication details: 144 pages.

How to Make Money from Digital Editions

As readers' habits evolve, digital editions are making serious inroads into mainstream culture, encouraged by the growth in eReaders like Amazon's Kindle and Apple's new iPad. The major challenge now facing publishers is how to monetize digital editions and generate additional revenue, above and beyond the cost savings digital editions already demonstrate. Read our free whitepaper which looks at seven key ways of making digital editions pay.
Uploaded by sharkey on 04/15/2010
Digital publication details: 12 pages.


Phillips de Pury & Company presents Evening Editions Including an Important Collection of Picasso Ceramics on 25 April 2012 in New York.
Uploaded by phillipsdepury on 03/28/2012
Digital publication details: 208 pages.

Diverse Editions Vol.2

Diverse Editions was a business and ministry publication developed to enhance every area of your life from social, spiritual, health and finances.
Uploaded by freemanmultimedia on 01/07/2013
Digital publication details: 33 pages.

Gango Editions 2009 Fall Catalog Supplement

Gango Editions and Jacqueline Collection 2009 Fall New Releases
Uploaded by gangoeditions on 08/12/2009
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

Múltiplos - Carpe Diem Editions

Limited editions by the artists that integrate the curatorial programme designed by Carpe Diem - Arte e Pesquisa.These editions are an opportunity for the emergence of new contemporary art collectors. They are accessible and printed in two dimensions in high quality.Each one of the limited editions is numbered in a series of 30 + 3 A.P. The works are mainly in two-dimensions and photographic prints accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.The multiples are the result of the direct collaboration between each artist and Carpe Diem - Arte e Pesquisa ́s curatorial exhibition programme. They are also an important sustainable item of the project.
Uploaded by carpediemartepesquisa on 02/04/2013
Digital publication details: 82 pages.

Handmade Editions 2. Jacopo Benassi / canecapovolto / Federico Lupo

'Handmade Editions' is a project focused on indipendent publishing and curated by Federico Lupo with the support of Abadir Academy (Catania, Italy). The project, started on April 2011 within the contribution of 'Raw Raw' was held by Jacopo Benassi and canecapovolto on 2012. It is part of the 'Sweet Sheets' project. With: canecapovolto, Jacopo Benassi, Federico Lupo, Giuseppe Mendolia Calella, Fabrizio Cosenza, Alessandra Fazio, Federico Severino, Alessandra Rigano, Francesco Costantino, Giuseppe Adamo, Francesco Tagliavia, Fada, Daniele Villa, Simone Tso, Enrico Piras, Enrico Pitzianti, Francesco Surdi, Michele Zingales, Tothi Folisi and Clio Nicastro, Susanna Luna Bellandi, Nicola Genovese, Maria Francesca Tassi.
Uploaded by handmadeeditions on 04/20/2012
Digital publication details: 39 pages.

Diverse Editions Vol.1

Diverse Editions was a business and ministry publication developed to enhance every area of your life from social, spiritual, health and finances.
Uploaded by freemanmultimedia on 05/02/2010
Digital publication details: 64 pages.
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