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CD Magazine #4
With 5 Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth, Careers in Movement, Kirtronica, Merce Cunningham, Drum Circles, and much more.
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 03/24/2009
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

CD Magazine #9
Dance families - Gabrielle Roth/Jonathan Horan, The Molongas, Suhaila Salimpour. Gathering Potential - Connecting the holidays with movement, Cave Concerts and the sounds of the Hang, Chocolate Rapture, Top Toasts, Paint Dancing, Debbie Rosas, Chakra Balancing, Movement Menu listings...
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 01/03/2010
Digital publication details: 48 pages.

CD Magazine #18
Photo Special, Eco-Somatics, Pina Bausch, Streaming DJs, Yamuna Body Rolling, Sunshine Jones, Adaptogens, Dance Week, Core Connexion, Costa Rica, Jiaogulan, Body-Mind Centering, Anthony Ward, Debbie Rosas, Juil Sandals, Steez Beats, Michael Julian Berz, Darren Miller, Amir Magal, Kyer Wiltshire, David Conklin, Kim Sallaway, Karina Louise
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 03/15/2012
Digital publication details: 57 pages.

CD Magazine #5
Contact Improv, Interplay, Poi, Salsa dancing, Aikido, Authentic Movement, Bhangra, and much more.
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 03/17/2009
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

CD Magazine #6
With Soul Motion founder Vinn Marti, trends in education, hydration, digital DJ tips, and more
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 04/08/2009
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

CD Magazine #20
Sacred Dance: Prayerformance, Fire, Hoop, Tango; Open-Source Movements: Ecstatic Dance, Dances of Universal Peace, Lunchbeat; Subtle Listening, AXIS Dance, Philly Moves, BioDanza, Power of Breath, Destination New York, Reviews, MoveMenu. Subscribe to our newsletter at and Like our page and join our Group on Facebook!
Uploaded by consciousdancer on 11/27/2012
Digital publication details: 64 pages.
Tags: breath · dance · fitness · health · nutrition · sound · yoga

I-Mag 2 #12
Bali Nine inmate talks about the 'not so ecstatic' topic of death in jail. Kate Wineslet and the stars of Carnage... and wild times inside a Bali villa... I-Magazine December 2011...
Uploaded by andrewcampbell on 12/07/2011
Digital publication details: 88 pages.

Ecstatic Witchcraft
Ecstatic Witchcraft: Magick, Philosophy & Trance in the Shamanic Craft By Gede Parma
Uploaded by llewellyn on 06/12/2012
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

Dance International
Dance International Magazine focuses on classical and contemporary dance worldwide. In continuous publication for over 30 years, this quarterly dance magazine reflects the need for dance coverage without borders. With features on dancers, artistic directors, choreographers and photographers, critical commentaries, and reviews from all over the world, we celebrate the beauty of dance with each issue
Uploaded by trevorbattye on 11/08/2012
Digital publication details: 67 pages.
Tags: ballet · dance · fall 2012

HumanFusion Gym Kit 2011
Welcome to HumanFusion - Dance for Fitness!
Uploaded by spellboundcreative on 09/24/2011
Digital publication details: 7 pages.
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