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Cellular Genetic Algorithm with Density Dependence for Dynamic Optimization Problems

For dynamic optimization problems, the aim of an effective optimization algorithm is both to find the optimal solutions and to track the optima over time. In this paper, we advanced two kinds of cellular genetic algorithms inspired by the density dependence scheme in ecological system to solving dynamic optimization problems. Two kinds of improved evolution rules are proposed to replace the rule in regular cellular genetic algorithm,
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Solution of Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch (DELD) Problem using PSO

Dynamic economic load dispatch (DELD) is one of the major operational decisions in power system operation and control. It is a Dynamic problem due to dynamic nature of Power system and the large variation of load demand. This absolute problem is normally solved by discretisation of the entire dispatch period into a number of small time intervals over which the load is assumed to be constant and the system is considered to be in temporal steady state. This paper presents particle swarm optimization technique to solve the DELD problem for the determination of the global or near global optimum dispatch solution. To illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, three test systems consisting of 5,10 and 15 generating units, with incorporation of load balance constraints, operating limits, valve point loading, ramp constraints and network lossesare considered and tested.
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Approximation Algorithms for Speeding up Dynamic Programming and Denoising aCGH data

Approximation Algorithms for Speeding up Dynamic Programming and Denoising aCGH data
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The MarketingExperiments Quarterly Research Journal, Q12010

Description: MarketingExperiments is a research laboratory with a simple (but not easy) eight-word mission statement: To discover what really works in marketing optimization. This publication is a collection of our most recent research discoveries and educational “how to” tips and techniques for marketers.
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An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization forProficient Solving of Unit Commitment Problem

This paper presents a new approach to solving the short-term unit commitment problem using an improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO). The objective of this paper is to find the generation scheduling such that the total operating cost can be minimized, when subjected to a variety of constraints. This also means that it is desirable to find the optimal generating unit commitment in the power system for the next H hours. PSO, which happens to be a Global Optimization technique for solving Unit Commitment Problem, operates on a system, which is designed to encode each unit’s operating schedule with regard to its minimum up/down time. In this, the unit commitment schedule is coded as a string of symbols. An initial population of parent solutions is generated at random. Here, each schedule is formed by committing all the units according to their initial status (“flat start”).
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Ex-Ante Methods to Assess the Impact of Social Insurance Policies on Labor Supply

This paper solves and estimates a stochastic model of optimal inter-temporal behavior to assess how changes in the design of the unemployment benefits and pension systems in Brazil could affect savings rates, the share of time that individuals spend outside of the formal sector, and retirement decisions.
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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Each target market segment has its own level of competitiveness. Search engine optimization techniques are a dynamic and moving target which implies that there is no one search engine ranking tool or search engine optimization software that produce the same results for multiple websites.
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Transversality Condition

a short presentation of the different transversality condtions encountered when solving dyamic optimization problem in economics.
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Structural optimization of a transversal rolling millcomponent to improve flexional stiffness

The main purpose of the improved stiffness is to stabilize the rolling process to maintain the bar and the plug aligned with roll axis, keeping the setup of the machine. The results of Explicit simulations suggest an effective influence of the bar stiffness on the behavior of the machine in terms of dynamic equilibrium.
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Structural Design Optimization of the SAR Plate Assembly Through Genetic Algorithm

This work consists of an Isight application with the aim of automation and optimization of a structural design process of the SAR Plate Assembly. The multiobjective optimization problem that regards this specific helicopter component is handled through the use of 4 different genetic algorithms.
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