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Stick Technique - Drumming Technique And Advanced Drumming

Stick Technique - Drumming Technique And Advanced Drumming
Uploaded by lianaibrahim on 02/18/2013
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Tags: advanced · and · drumming · stick · technique

Drumming Workshops for Team Building, Corporate Events and Conferences

Brochure from the market leader in drumming events for team building, corporate events and conferences - Creative Team Events
Uploaded by creativeteamevents on 11/17/2011
Digital publication details: 12 pages.

Starting a Successful Drumming Career

There are a lot of people that have a hard time understanding how they can be wise about starting to drum.  This article describes how you can be sure that you are able to start your drumming career successfully.
Uploaded by philiptownsend on 09/27/2012
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Begin Drumming

Begin Drumming Begin Drumming
Uploaded by lianaibrahim on 02/17/2013
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Drumming in the City Photo Album 2011

Thank you so much for joining us for Drumming in the City on the 10th November. It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!
Uploaded by afrikids on 11/23/2011
Digital publication details: 34 pages.
Tags: photos · drumming

Art Action Case Study: African Dance and Drumming

Education art resource about an AFrican drumming and dance project in Colombia.
Uploaded by mayfieldarts on 02/09/2011
Digital publication details: 3 pages.
Tags: community · education · art · mural · youth · action

Drumming Lessons For Beginners

Learning drums is certainly not easy, but it's also not that difficult, especially if you approach it the right way.
Uploaded by drumlessons on 04/08/2011
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Oregon Piper's Society Piping and Drumming Workshop

Workshop for piping and drumming with Keith Paton and John Scullion in Portland
Uploaded by htakeo on 01/28/2010
Digital publication details: 1 pages.

Human Rhythms Corporate Drumming and Team Building

Human Rhythms - making your conference roar and your team , soar.
Uploaded by zingweb on 02/14/2012
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

Art Action Case Study: Colombian & African Dance & Drumming

Case study educational art resource about a youth african and colombian dance and drumming project
Uploaded by mayfieldarts on 02/09/2011
Digital publication details: 3 pages.
Tags: youth · community · mural · art · action · education
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