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Why Defendants Need the Help of an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney
A charge of domestic violence can happen under a wide range of circumstances, and as any domestic violence attorney will tell you, false claims often arise during divorce or child custody cases. Visit us at
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Help Your Domestic Violence Attorney Build a Solid Case
Just like a kid who\'s found out a new doll, this ...
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Finding a Domestic Violence Attorney When You Are a Victim
Drug possession is a considerable prison charge in...
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Domestic Violence Accusations are a Nightmare
People under criminal investigation for an incident involving their spouse or lover need a top domestic violence lawyer in order to avoid jail, prison, and losing child custody. People have many reasons not to act. Fear, shame, defeatist mindsets are among them. Don’t give up. There is hope.
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Why Defendants Need the Help of an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney
Domestic violence charges are among the most common but also most damaging crimes a person can face, and thus require the assistance of a domestic violence lawyer in order to fight the charges.
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Domestic Violence & Abuse
Additional Findings Report December 2007 This report addresses all those who answered the question ‘Have you ever experienced any abuse, violence or harassment from a family member or someone close to you?’ and it therefore addresses domestic violence and abuse in a broad context, including family and partner violence and abuse. It forms part of the indepth analysis of the Count Me In Too project which sought to identify and address the needs of LGBT people in Brighton and Hove. It draws on 819 responses to a questionnaire that elicited both qualitative and quantitative responses and a domestic violence focused interview. The report seeks to advance social change for LGBT people who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.
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Too Close to Home: Domestic Violence in the Americas
Too Close to Home is a collection of essays by international authorities ranging from psychologists and doctors to economists and communication experts. Several authors analyze the economic and health costs imposed by domestic violence, documenting that domestic violence is both a serious public health issue and a severe impediment to economic development. Others examine promising approaches that have been used to combat domestic violence, including community treatment and prevention networks, telephone hotlines, judicial and police reform, anti-violence curricula in primary and secondary schools, street theater, and creative use of the mass media. The book had its genesis in the IDB Conference, "Domestic Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: Costs, Programs and Policies," held in October, 1997.
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Domestic Violence Speakers Brochure
Domestic Violence Speaker Catalog Our newly-updated Domestic Violence Speakers Brochure features keynote speakers who have witnessed firsthand how individuals, families, and communities can be destroyed by domestic violence and child abuse. The happy ending is that these domestic violence speakers and speakers on child abuse have risen above their sad circumstances, becoming productive and successful members of society who now speak out against the injustices they endured. Sharing their personal experiences and offering a firm call to action, they enlighten audiences and effect change in both their mindsets and actions.
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On 25th October 2011, the Government launched a consultation inviting views from the public on whether the protection of victims of domestic violence could be enhanced by the establishment of a national Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme. The consultation closed on 13th January 2012, and this document provides a summary of the responses and findings and outlines the Government’s next steps.
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Domestic Violence A resource for Trans People
A very useful resource for everybody concerned with Domestic Violence affecting Trans* people.
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