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Breaking And Training Dogs
Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015.221027 Pathfinder Hugh Dalziel 2015-07-09T22:01:50Z 2015-07-09T22:01:50Z 2005-05-06 1903 dc.identifier.barcode: 2990150062327 dc.identifier.origpath: /data_copy/upload/0062/332 dc.identifier.copyno: 1 dc.identifier.uri: dc.description.scannerno: 50010 dc.description.scanningcentre: Salar Jung Museum dc.description.main: 1 dc.description.tagged: 0 dc.description.totalpages: 324 dc.format.mimetype: application/pdf dc.language.iso: English dc.publisher.digitalrepublisher: Digital Library Of India dc.publisher: L Upcott Gill dc.source.library: Salar Jung Museum dc.subject.classification: Natural Sciences dc.subject.classification: Zoology dc.title: Breaking And Training Dogs
Published on 01/17/2017
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Clicker training for dogs
Published on 02/05/2013
Document details: 90 pages. 15 downloads.

Dogs: selection, care, training
Published on 06/01/2010
Document details: 162 pages. 36 downloads.

Training older dogs
Published on 05/09/2012
Document details: 78 pages. 17 downloads.

Little dogs : training your pint-sized companion
Published on 12/18/2012
Document details: 150 pages. 3 downloads.

DTIC AD0733469: Training Dogs for Explosives Detection
A feasibility study was undertaken to determine whether dogs can be trained to discriminate the odor of commercial dynamite (straight nitroglycerin dynamite and ammonium nitrate dynamite), black powder and the plastic explosives, C3 and C4. Initial discrimination training established hexachloroethane as a practical surrogate odor. Transfer to the various explosives proved relatively easy. Search behavior, both on- and off-leash appropriate for searching buildings, was developed. At the conclusion of the effort, five trained dogs were delivered to the Land Warfare Laboratory.
Published on 02/07/2019
Document details: 52 pages. 5 downloads.

All dogs need some training
Published on 02/10/2012
Document details: 134 pages. 20 downloads.

Care and training of dogs
Published on 06/10/2010
Document details: 332 pages. 44 downloads.

DTIC AD0749302: Training Dogs for Narcotic Detection
The abuse of hard narcotics (heroin and cocaine) has risen sharply in recent years, and coping with this problem has become an important responsibility of law enforcement agencies. In order to assist these agencies in adequately carrying out this increasingly important responsibility, methods have been developed for the training and use of narcotic detector dogs. Considering these advantages it is obvious that a good detector dog and a well trained handler can search for narcotics rapidly and efficiently. A detector dog can be a valuable asset in narcotic detector work and this manual is designed to describe, in a step by step fashion, how to train dogs to effectively search out and respond to hard narcotics.
Published on 03/24/2019
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Training grouse and woodcock dogs
Published on 01/14/2010
Document details: 180 pages. 75 downloads.
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