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The Dog Whisperer
With guidance from Paul Owens, The ORIGINAL Dog Whisperer, you'll learn compassionate training methods for even the most sensitive dogs. This revolutionary, humane, and logical approach to raising and teaching promises to make training your dog th
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The Whisperer
Loving him could destroy her… High school teacher Cilla Stevens has always been different, especially in how she connects with animals. When she calms a stray dog during an incident at school, she's asked to help a nearby farm with a difficult hor

Tom Ticks is an insecure southern California dog-rehabilitator-in-training who, through a series of bizarre ewail-to-email mishaps, finds himself mistaken for the infamous magical Were-Whisperer, whose services are desperately needed by the villag

Kuba No the Donkey Whisperer
This is a true story about a naughty dog named Kuba and his special friendship with a wild donkey named Irene. It demonstrates that friendship isnt defined by similarities but by trust. It also shows how predicting behavior or stereotyping based o

Stories from the Animal Whisperer
If you could talk to animals, what would you learn?In this heart-warming book, packed with remarkable stories Trisha McCagh reveals what dogs, cats, horses and other creatures have to say about their health and happiness, their anxieties a

The Dog Whisperer Presents Good Habits for Great Dogs
Following the success of his books The Dog Whisperer, 2nd Edition and The Puppy Whisperer, Paul Owens introduces his groundbreaking new approach to educating your dog-"habit training." As an added bonus for the reader, each book purchase includes a f

The "original" Dog Whisperer, Paul Owens focuses on making training a natural process for both ends of the leash. His self-help book for dogs and their humans uses the innovative concept of training by automatic habit. Encompassing the

The Dog Whisperer (2nd Edition)
In the updated edition of this best-seller, The Dog Whisperer, Paul Owens offers more in-depth dog training protocols with additional notes, tips and problem-solving which make Paul's Three-Step-Process of shaping dog behaviors even more accessible. In addition to the best-selling nonviolent training features from the previous edition, this new edition includes: Updated material on the power of non-force dog training Information on the newest, most effective gear for all levels of dog training A new section to teach dog tricks that will provide fun for both you and your dog Owens' compassionate dog training methods will help you create an emotional bridge to "plug in" and create a deeper bond with your dog than you thought possible. The Dog Whisperer book for dog behavior training offers a truly humane, revolutionary, and common sense approach to raising and training your dog. In Addition, You Will Learn: How to "dog speak" - the body language and vocalizations needed to effectively communicate with your dog. How to train your dog without jerking, hitting, kicking, shocking, or shaking. How easy and fun dog training can be when you use the 9 Ingredients of Reward-Based Dog Training. How to use "clicker" and "target training" to quickly and easily shape your dog's behavior. How to turn affection, play, toys, praise, and social freedom into powerful rewards. Five ways to establish a leadership role so your dog will happily follow your lead. About dog behavioral problems such as jumping, barking, digging, chewing and mouthing. "After working for years to expose trainers' cruelty to animals in the production of movies, I applaud a book that encourages the compassion and nonviolence that dogs so richly deserve." - Bob Barker, Host, The Price Is Right "This is an important book. Paul Owens offers a powerful voice of nonviolence and a truly enlightening approach to raising and training your dog. I wholeheartedly recommend his message of compassion and

A Puppy Dog's tail
This book is about insight into what I believe a puppy dog is trying to tell his owner when he wags his tail. I don't claim to be a dog whisperer or anything but sometimes common sense should prevail. When you haven't seen your pet in awhile he wa

Dog Training Guide
Owning a dog can be a joy but only if you have a well disciplined dog that fits easily into your lifestyle. If you can use your dog's natural instincts, it will make the task of dog training much easier. Your dog will learn obedience much more quickly and the whole training process becomes less stressful for you and your dog, giving you excellent results. This e-book is quite different to most of the dog training books or videos that you may encounter. Firstly, it is a lot more comprehensive so that you are not left high and dry wondering what to do next, especially if something is not working out as you wanted it to do. Secondly, this guide teaches you a "method" rather than how to train a dog to carry out basic individual obedience exercises. This means the dog should obey you in all situations, not just pre-rehearsed training type exercisesThirdly, this training guide is based on the techniques related to the nature and instincts of the dog. These techniques are "dog friendly" and are the basis of the mysterious system known as "dog whispering" or "dog listening".Actually, it is not all that mysterious, but simply utilizes nature and the dog's natural evolved instincts. So why does this particular dog training method work?Dogs evolved from wolves and much of their basic instincts survive in your own dog today. To communicate what you want your dog to do it is necessary to consider how your dog receives your instruction. When a dog fails to respond and you find yourself getting agitated and shouting, your raised level of agitation is what a wolf might pick up on when the pack is faced with a threat In other words, you stimulate your dog's fight or flight instincts, which is the last thing you want to do especially in emergency situations. Instead learn to think like your dog does. Strangely, with dogs, there is not as much exchange of audio messaging as you might think. Dogs pick up on subtle visual signals and emotions. Have you ever noticed, how a dog knows you are goi

Dog Whisperer: The Rescue
An adopted girl, an abandoned dog - together, can they save lives?12-year old Emily has dreams of drowning. Night after night, she's being sucked under - until the third night. She realizes it's not just a dream. It's re

Dog Whisperer: Storm Warning
Emily and her dog, Zack, have a special bond. But it's more than that-they can read each other's minds. Even more surprising, Zack knows when people are in trouble. Now, Emily and Zack are able to use their powers to save lives, though Emily is en

Dog Whisperer: The Ghost
From the day Emily rescued her dog Zack, they have always shared a special connection. But it's more than special-they can read each other's minds. And since Zack can sense when someone is in danger, they've been using their special power to help

The Hidden Life of Dogs
"A fascinating glimpse into the canine world, possibly deeper and more accurate than any we have had until now" (The New York Times Book Review). Long before the Dog Whisperer, anthropologist Elizab

The Dog That Whispered
Bestselling author Jim Kraus returns with a heartwarming tale about a dog who has people convinced he can talk. Wilson Steele is a single professor and Vietnam veteran who likes living alone, insisting it's too late for him

Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog
After more than nine seasons as television's Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan has a new mission: to use his unique insights about dog psychology to create stronger, happier relationships between humans and their canine companions. Both inspirational an
Tags: Dogs · Pets · 9781481573832

Death of a Dog Whisperer
Between her boisterous sons and a house full of Poodles, there's never a dull moment for Melanie Travis. But no matter how hectic life gets, she can always pick up the scent of a howling good mystery-and she'll stop at nothing to dig up the truth

Dog Secrets as Whispered to the Dog Sitter
DOG SECRETS as Whispered to the Dog Sitter is a series of heart-warming stories in which dogs use their thoughts and actions to whisper their love secrets. The truths they reveal are brilliant and frequently hilarious. A MUST READ.

Summary of Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems
Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems by Cesar Millan: Conversation StartersThe Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan published his book Cesar's Way in 2007. In this book, Mill

The Puppy Whisperer
Following the success of his book The Dog Whisperer, Paul Owens turns his attention to puppies. In The Puppy Whisperer, Owens and his protege Terence Cranendonk offer a compassionate step-by-step guide to all things puppy, including how to:
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